The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty? : Season 1

    • Air date: 01 Jan '20 8 episodes
  • List of Episodes (8)

    1. The Death of a Star

    • India’s national table tennis champion Shiraz Malik is shot several times in broad daylight. The assassination sends shock waves throughout the country, especially in political circles. The CBI is asked to step in with Vidur Mehra as the lead of the investigation.

    2. The Blood Trail

    • Ranveer arrives in Lucknow and meets grief-stricken Miraz and Antara. Shiraz's dead body is buried . Vidur and team reaches Lucknow and start the investigation . The omni van is caught and Bilawal Sangha is arrested.

    3. Who Really Killed Shiraz Malik?

    • CBI gets hold of the killers and raids Ranveer's bungalow to gather evidence . Antara is shocked to know about CBI's suspicion on Ranveer . The hunt for the mastermind is on meanwhile Ranveer performs the final rites of his father.

    4. The Unusual Suspect

    • CBI reveals the names of killers in a press confrence. Vidur gets the orders to arrest Ranveer Pratap for further interrogation. Peon's testimony makes Vidur doubt Antara and he alongwith cops barge in Shiraz's house and arrest Antara.

    5. The Dairy of Antara Malik

    • CBI files the charge sheet in court .Antara is called in witness box, her diary opens up a new angle to the case. Ranveer and Antara are denied bail. In flashes Ranveer remembers his first meeting with Antara and the events followed by.

    6. An Affair to Remember

    • Gayatri gives her testimony in the court which results in revelation of the real mastermind of murder . Ranveer and Antara get bailed out .Someone from Ranveer's family meets Vidur to give insights about the Shiraz Malik murder case.

    7. The Wife's Truth

    • Chitrangadha is called on the witness box where her loyalty to her husband is at stake. The witnesses turn hostile in court , meanwhile Vidur manages to get a state approver on the case who can turn the whole case upside down.

    8. Judgement Day

    • The whole nation is waiting for the verdict. Ranveer Pratap is called in the witness stand . The fate of Ranveer of Antara is at stake. CBI and Aabha are hopeful that Shiraz will get justice but will he?