Tanked : Season 13

    • Air date: 06 Oct '17 10 episodes
      Season 13
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Antonio Brown's Touchdown Tank

    • The ATM crew pulls out all the stops to keep NFL superstar Antonio Brown motivated with an aquarium and an end zone dance.

    2. San Francisco Giants Tank

    • The San Francisco Giants commission the ATM crew to recreate McCovey Cove inside of a tank large enough to impress loyal fans.

    3. Dwight Howard's Slammin Snake Tank

    • Basketball legend Dwight Howard returns to the ATM crew for a habitat large enough to house all 14 of his snakes.

    4. Adrian Peterson's MVP Tank

    • The ATM crew must not only impress NFL superstar, Adrian Peterson, but also his wife with a fully decorated tank that fits perfectly in their wall.

    5. Shark Tank in the Shark Tank

    • Wayde and Brett are designing a tank for the San Jose Sharks hockey team! With replica hockey gear, the San Jose Sharks logo and of course sharks! With the start of the season approaching, will the boys score a goal or end up in the penalty box?

    6. Tanked in Sonoma

    • ATM has been so busy they could use a glass of wine! Good thing their next tank is on a vineyard. CEO of Jordan Winery wants a beautiful reef tank to live on his winery. After all, what's better than sipping on a merlot and watching the ocean?

    7. Anthony Davis' High Brow Tank

    8. The Tank of Atlantis

    • The ATM crew races for the finish line when a Las Vegas amusement park commissions a 20 foot long tank featuring the lost city of Atlantis to celebrate 25 years in business.

    9. This Tank is Ludacis

    10. Napping with the Fishes