• Air date: 17 Mar '20 8 episodes
      The series follows Himmat Singh of Research and Analysis Wing who draws similar patterns in terrorist attacks and is convinced a single person is behind all the attacks. His task force team of five agents living in various parts of the world aim to catch the mastermind. The story is based on an inspiration taken from nineteen years worth of national significant events.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Kaagaz Ke Phool

      17 Mar '20
      When a set of R&AW officials are asked to create an audit report of Himmat Singh's "miscellaneous" expenses, a nineteen-year-old theory finally sees a glimmer of light.
    • 2. Guide

      17 Mar '20
      The 26/11 terror attack moves the nation and one link leads to the next, guiding Himmat and team closer to their target.
    • 3. Mughal-E-Azam

      17 Mar '20
      Shipping business tycoon, Hafiz Ali shows the aftermath of a betrayal. The nineteen-year-old saga begins to set the stage for a mammoth reveal.
    • 4. Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin

      17 Mar '20
      Four assets and four tasks. Himmat's team is challenged to test their mettle and see if they are ready for the storm coming their way.
    • 5. Chaudvin Ka Chand

      17 Mar '20
      Farooq's long wait comes to an end and he's face-to-face with Hafiz. Baku is added to the Special Ops map and new players are revealed.
    • 6. Qurbani

      17 Mar '20
      Farooq's just a few feet away from the mastermind behind 2001 Parliament attack and yet again it's a touch and go situation for Himmat. Time for a setback. Time for a sacrifice.
    • 7. Shatranj Ke Khiladi

      17 Mar '20
      Hafiz smells a mole and Himmat finds a pawn. Mind games help Farooq to survive another day.
    • 8. Sholay

      17 Mar '20
      Showdown. The country is under an imminent attack and time is running out. Finally, Himmat comes face to face with his nemesis.