• Air date: 20 Apr '14 15 episodes
      The fascinating cases of every day, seemingly average moms, wives and girlfriends accused of murder. Did they really do it? And if so, why?
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    • 1. Lupita Acuna

      20 Apr '14
      Lupita Acuna is accused of arranging the death of her ex-boyfriend in July 2010.
    • 2. Kimberly Parker

      27 Apr '14
      Kimberly Parker is charged with planning the July 2000 kidnapping and murder of her estranged husband.
    • 3. Bernadette Perusquia

      04 May '14
      Bernadette Perusquia is a school nurse who is accused of shooting her husband in May 2003, but claims self-defense.
    • 4. Catherine Hamborsky

      11 May '14
      Catherine Hamborsky is a Pennsylvania woman who claimed self-defense after being charged in the January 2005 shooting of a bartender.
    • 5. Tracy Lawson

      18 May '14
      Former Nurse Tracy Lawson is accused of murdering her husband in June 2006 but claims she was abused.
    • 6. Tina Lunney

      25 May '14
      Tina Lunney is a financial advisor who strangled her mother Marie Zoppi in July 2009.
    • 7. Chyann Bratcher

      01 Jun '14
      Chyann Bratcher, her mother, and brother are accused of plotting the drowning death of Chyann's husband in April 1994.
    • 8. Vonlee Nicole Titlow

      17 Aug '14
      After an alcoholic millionaire dies of seemingly natural causes, an unexpected betrayal reveals there may be more to the victim's death and to his beautiful party-girl niece, Vonlee Nicole Titlow.
    • 9. Rose Chase

      24 Aug '14
      Rose Chase is accused of killing her husband after a marital argument in June 2012.
    • 10. Michele Williams

      31 Aug '14
      Michele Williams is suspected of shooting her husband Gregory to death in their Ohio townhouse in September 1993.
    • 11. Colette Reyes

      07 Sep '14
      Colette Reyes pleads insanity after she is charged with the November 2009 murder of her husband.
    • 12. Kirstin Lobato

      14 Sep '14
      Kirstin Lobato is charged with the July 2001 murder and mutilation of a Las Vegas homeless man.
    • 13. Robyn Davis

      21 Sep '14
      Robyn Davis and her best friend Sissy Saltzman are suspected of murdering Robyn's husband in June 2009.
    • 14. Verina Childs

      28 Sep '14
      Verina Childs is a Mississippi wife accused of shooting her husband Doug during a November 2009 hunting trip.
    • 15. Selena: Death of a Superstar

      05 Oct '14
      When Latin pop star Selena is found bleeding to death in a hotel lobby, authorities begin to suspect that Yolanda Saldivar-her number one fan and close friend, may not have been as loyal as Selena thought.