• Air date: 01 Sep '13 13 episodes
      The fascinating cases of every day, seemingly average moms, wives and girlfriends accused of murder. Did they really do it? And if so, why?
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Amanda Kaur

      01 Sep '13
      Amanda Kaur is accused of shooting her husband Ira, an Air Force Staff Sergeant, in November 2010 and staging his death as a suicide, to hide her affair with another man.
    • 2. Ruby Ann Ruffolo

      08 Sep '13
      Ruby Ann Ruffolo is accused of drugging her husband to death and disposing of his body in a water culvert in October 2003.
    • 3. Donna Cobb

      15 Sep '13
      Donna Cobb is a Harlem nurse's aide who stabbed her husband to death during a violent struggle in their home in November 2006.
    • 4. Dee Dee Moore

      22 Sep '13
      Dee Dee Moore is a manipulative woman who is accused of stealing a lottery winner's money, then shooting him dead in April 2009.
    • 5. Melissa Cole

      29 Sep '13
      Melissa Cole is accused of shooting and burning her husband Gary to death to end her abusive marriage in November 2009.
    • 6. Katey Passaniti

      13 Oct '13
      Katey Passaniti is a Louisiana woman accused of the July 2010 murder-for-hire of her elderly stepfather, who was shot dead in his Shreveport home.
    • 7. Laurie Jean Cone

      20 Oct '13
      Laurie Jean Cone is suspected of masterminding the April 2012 beating death of her husband Jack, a television repairman.
    • 8. Lateisha Jandreau

      27 Oct '13
      Latiesha Jandreau is accused of shooting her husband Paul to death in June 2010.
    • 9. Jodi Arias: Part 1

      15 Dec '13
      The case of Jodi Arias, who was charged in the 2008 murder of her former boyfriend.
    • 10. Jodi Arias: Part 2

      16 Dec '13
      The case of Jodi Arias, who was charged in the 2008 murder of her former boyfriend.
    • 11. Dawn Silvernail

      22 Dec '13
      Dawn Silvernail shoots another woman to death outside her church in October 1999, and she claims the murder was her boyfriend's idea.
    • 12. Karen Newell

      29 Dec '13
      Karen Newell is accused of seducing her teen lover into shooting and killing her husband Jon in February 1994.
    • 13. Jackie Postma

      05 Jan '14
      Jackie Postma's affair leads to the murder of her husband in August 2000.