• Air date: 27 Jan '13 22 episodes
      The fascinating cases of every day, seemingly average moms, wives and girlfriends accused of murder. Did they really do it? And if so, why?
  • List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. Teresa Stone

      27 Jan '13
      Teresa Stone and her lover, a pastor, devise a deadly plan to kill Teresa's husband in March 2010 so they can continue their relationship.
    • 2. Jane Reth

      10 Feb '13
      Jane Reth gets caught for murdering her first husband, Scott Coville, who was missing since April 1988, more than two decades after the crime.
    • 3. Adrienne Davidson

      17 Feb '13
      Adrienne Davidson was a scorned wife who resorted to shooting her cheating husband to death on New Year's Day in January 2009.
    • 4. Amy Bishop

      24 Feb '13
      Amy Bishop is a biology professor who goes on a shooting spree, which kills three co-workers, after getting fired from her job in February 2010.
    • 5. Christine Paolilla

      03 Mar '13
      Christine Paolilla was a Texas teenager who, alongside her boyfriend Chris Snider, shot four of her friends to death over a drug dispute in July 2003.
    • 6. Jennifer Nibbe

      10 Mar '13
      Jennifer Nibbe was a Minnesota woman accused of shooting her husband James in their home in August 2010 to cover her paying debts.
    • 7. Kristi Lunbery

      17 Mar '13
      Kristi Lunbery is accused of shooting her sleeping husband Charles, but claims she is innocent in April 1992.
    • 8. Katherine Holmes

      24 Mar '13
      Katherine Holmes is accused of attempted murder of shooting her husband Joel in the parking lot in August 2011 so she can have the children.
    • 9. Tammy Cole

      31 Mar '13
      Tammy Cole is a scorned woman who shot her ex-boyfriend, Vance Evans, in April 2010 but, claims the shooting is an accident.
    • 10. Michelle Gaiser

      07 Apr '13
      Michelle Gaiser is a jilted lover accused of orchestrating her lover's wife's murder by hiring a hit man to shoot the woman in May 2010, however, the woman lives.
    • 11. Melissa Stredney

      14 Apr '13
      Melissa Stredney, a former teaching assistant, is accused of shooting and attempting to kidnap her ex- fiancé after he called off their engagement in December 2010.
    • 12. Lisa Gilliam

      21 Apr '13
      Lisa Gilliam is a newlywed wife accused of the January 2011 shooting death of her lawyer husband Larry, but she may have been wrongly accused.
    • 13. Caren Pressley-Brown

      28 Apr '13
      Caren Pressley-Brown is caught trying to hire a hit man to kill her son's father and his wife in August 2008.
    • 14. Exondia Salado

      05 May '13
      Exondia Salado is accused of killing, dismembering, and cooking her husband Manny in October 2007 because he was about to leave her for his girlfriend.
    • 15. Narcy Novack

      19 May '13
      Narcy Novack is accused of orchestrating the April 2009 murder of her husband Ben Novack Jr. to end his multiple affairs with women.
    • 16. Nancy Gelber

      26 May '13
      Nancy Gelber, a crime author, was caught in December 2011 for trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband to end him having affairs with women and have her surgery.
    • 17. Rebecca Sears

      02 Jun '13
      Rebecca Sears is having an affair with her next door neighbor, so she decides to get rid of her lover's wife in March 2009.
    • 18. Kathleen Wise

      16 Jun '13
      Kathleen Wise is accused of poisoning her husband Kenneth with morphine in June 2011 to end her unhappy marriage.
    • 19. Michelle Knotek

      23 Jun '13
      Michelle Knotek and her husband are accused of torturing and beating their house guests to death in their home between 1994 and 2003.
    • 20. Elizabeth Guthrie-Nail

      30 Jun '13
      Elizabeth Guthrie-Nail is suspected of conspiring to have her ex-husband Craig and his girlfriend killed in December 2007 over Craig and Elizabeth's daughter.
    • 21. Shellye Stark

      11 Aug '13
      Shellye Stark was a former teacher turned prostitute who became accused of shooting her husband Dale to death in December 2007.
    • 22. Keisha Jones

      18 Aug '13
      Keisha Jones was a young Philadelphia wife who struck down her husband with their vehicle after an argument in November 2011.