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A group of singles chat up others through the safety of their private pod walls and attempt to make meaningful connections before laying their eyes on their potential partners for the first time.

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After the experiment, reality comes into focus. What happened to the couples and singles from Love is Blind Season 2 after the weddings?
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  • 14. After the Altar: The Future Looks Bright
    16 Sep '22
  • 13. After the Altar: It’s My Party and I’ll Gossip if I Want to
    16 Sep '22
  • 12. After the Altar: Friends Who Adventure Together, Stay Together
    16 Sep '22
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User Review
  • 3/5
By JVan

Love is Blind is a reality show where single men and women come together to interact, form relationships and eventually marry if they like each other. There is just one catch. You can't see the other person you're talking to. As many as there are people there are equal number of pods. Where each person gets time to talk and connect while the other person is in the opposite pod with a blue screen seperating them.

The shows motive is to take a step back from the fast moving world where it's all about physical appearance and connect on a more emotional level. With some people falling in love, heartbreaks, family rejection and loads of drama. This show will keep you entertained.

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