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Kaali Khuhi 2020

a.k.a काली खुहि

30 Oct 2020

Kaali Khuhi Director : Terrie Samundra

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Kaali Khuhi is streaming online on Netflix.

Kaali Khuhi Plot

When a restless spirit curses a Punjab village that has a history of female infanticide, the town's fate lies in the hands of a 10-year old girl, Shivangi.

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The grimy past of a village in Punjab has come back to haunt its dwellers. Female infanticide and prejudice have taken a toll on the spirit of the village in the form of mysterious deaths of its residents. Watch the official trailer for काली खुहि now #trailer
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  • 3/5
By Baishali Das Adhikari
Horror fiction entailing on reality.

A take on the femlae infacticides that takes place in North-western cities of the country has been highlighted in the movie. It has been portrayed in a way that it makes people aware of the crime. Starts with the usual paranormal synopsis, Kaali Khuhi inclines to portray a supernatural factors played a pivotal in the entire movie. The story mainly revolves around the small girl Shivangi, played by Riva Arora.

The dark themed movie talks about the revenge that the entity of a small girl seeks to take from her family members. As per the rituals, the girl children used to get killed by being thrown into the well, which was named with the title of the movie, Kaali Khuhi or the black well....

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