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Hunterrr is streaming online on Netflix and Jio.

Hunterrr Plot

An ordinary bachelor pursues girls like a hunter, but not with the intention of settling down in life.

Box Office

Budget : ₹9 cr
Box Office : ₹13.63 cr

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Hunterrr Latest Trailers

  • 2015 Official Trailer
User Review
  • 3.5/5
By Criticamit

If there is a movie which made me laugh in a long time, it is Hunterrr. A bold attempt by Phantom Films, known to make offbeat cinema with a growing cult following. It is no secret that Hunterrr is a mature bold comedy but you shouldn't compare it with meaningless cheap cinema like Grand Masti etc.

Hunterrr is about selected few, who have mastered the art of being a Casanova. But, what happens when a tiger wants to finally settle down? Can he or can he not is the question. Story of the film is quite predictable and the mood is very light and comical. In the second half, film gradually shifts from adult comedy to romantic and then emotional. Overall, a good screenplay...

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