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Almost Sanskari by Neeti Palta 2019

08 Nov 2019

Almost Sanskari by Neeti Palta Director :

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Come and laugh at the complicated inner workings of a comedian's mind as she shares a very personal journey from childhood to never growing up. From her not-strictly-traditional upbringing by her mom and army dad to buying condoms for her older brother, being an awkward teenager to being an equally awkward adult, arranged marriages to society's expectations from her that she gleefully fails to meet. - it's all part and parcel of what makes Neeti "Almost Sankari". It's a show that raises some pertinent questions about accepted norms of society through hilarious observations and gentle leg-pulling. Her tongue-in-cheek-humour, keen observations and biting sarcasm cuts across all age groups and genders. It's a show you can watch with your parents, spouse, friends, neighbor, distant relatives or even your in-laws. Heads up: This show is for those who are a little bit nice. But also definitely a little bit naughty. Now you understand the "almost" in the title?

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