• Air date: 21 Feb '20 7 episodes
      Sougata is a well-known thriller writer of our times, with the publication of his first book. But situations get twisted when his past comes haunting the reality of his present.
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. Choritrer Chalchitro

      21 Feb '20
      Sougata, a celebrated thriller writer returns to India and is haunted by a mysterious girl. Is she for real, or a figment of imagination?
    • 2. Jibito na Mrito

      21 Feb '20
      Sougata finds out more about the identity of the mysterious girl. Can he give her what she wants from him?
    • 3. Jiboner Shobdo Jobdo

      21 Feb '20
      The dead seek vengeance as Sougata struggles with amnesia. Is he the victim of a sinister plot to rob him of his sanity?
    • 4. Ami ki khun korte pari?

      21 Feb '20
      The mystery in Sougata’s life seems to be getting deeper and darker. Can a trip in the hills of North Bengal help him unravel the truth?
    • 5. Notun Otithi

      21 Feb '20
      Sougata keeps slipping into void of fear, mystery, and betrayal. Could it be the end of the thriller writer?
    • 6. Boka Pahar Jaane Shob

      21 Feb '20
      As the mystery begins to unfold, tables begin to turn. Can you kill the dead twice?
    • 7. Iti Sougata Sinha

      21 Feb '20
      Sougata thinks of writing his new novel. Will he be able to make a fresh start - or will the past come back to haunt him?