• Air date: 17 Nov '18 35 episodes
      Season 49 brings exciting new changes to the Street and features a host of A-list celebrity appearances.
  • List of Episodes (35)
    • 26. Wild Adventure on Sesame Street

      11 May '19
      “Wild Nature Survivor Guy” tries to survive out in the wilds of Sesame Street.
    • 27. Little Bo Peep Lost Her Cow

      18 May '19
      Little Bo Peep has lost her...cow. Telly and Elmo, the Cowmonster Pair, are on the case!
    • 28. How to Build a Dinosaur

      25 May '19
      Grover, Elmo, and Rosita are imagining that they are paleontologists, a scientist who digs through dirt and stones to find fossils.
    • 29. Oscar Uncanned

      01 Jun '19
      Someone has taken Oscar's trash can! With Abby and Rudy's help, Oscar finds out that it was a sanitation worker who took his trash can.
    • 30. Counting Critters

      08 Jun '19
      Bert and Ernie are animal-sitting six animals, but the animals sneak outside onto Sesame Street. Bert and Ernie ask Alan and Elmo for their help to make sure they find all six animals.
    • 31. Grocery Games

      15 Jun '19
      To make food shopping more fun, Alan turns it into a game. Can Elmo, Abby, and Cookie Monster find three foods that start with the letter C in different sections of the supermarket before Alan finishes checking out?
    • 32. Baby Bear's Just Right Cafe

      22 Jun '19
      Baby Bear, Elmo, and Abby play restaurant. Alan teaches them how to pretend to be the chef, the host, and the server. Goldilocks is their first diner, and she’ll decide if everything is “just right.”
    • 33. Camp Grover

      29 Jun '19
      Elmo tells his friends that he's going to summer camp, but he's never been before. They pretend to go to Camp Grover for the day and learn all about the fun things that can happen.
    • 34. Slimey at the Car Race

      06 Jul '19
      Slimey participates in the Squirmadega car race.
    • 35. Cookie Monster's Museum Mystery

      13 Jul '19
      A brand-new museum has opened on Sesame Street - the Museum of Modern Cookie! Cookie Monster, Elmo and Chris are very excited to check it out. While walking around the museum, the paintings suddenly begin to disappear and the museum guards think Cookie Monster stole them. With Abby's help, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Chris catch who really was taking the cookie art. Season finale.