Kota Factory Review

  • 5/5

You know the feeling you get when something has happened with you is happening again but not with you;yes nostalgia. This web series portrays the life of a typical science student and i could not relate to more. We've all been there, the struggle between organic and inorganic chemistry. And shuffling between crushes and subjects, it's a bitter sweet feeling. And I feel it. It's a superb series. It shows the relationship between teacher and student(s). Well we all have that one teacher who's like our "bro" and who's been through the same things were going through and is the best guide , well *JEETU BHAIYA* is the one.

This series also shows how going away from home for studies feels like, how our parents put all their blood and sweat to help us get through life. Even though they might have to stay away from us. It's just a beautiful conglomeration of good old feelings and school life.

A must recommend.

** Curiously waiting for season 2**