Kota Factory Review

  • 4.5/5
A beautiful gem of a series

A web-series which is bound to bring tears at the corner of your eyes for once or more. A heart-rendering story based on the backdrop of IIT preparations in Kota, Rajasthan, the city which is known for IIT and coaching and students who work extremely hard to get into IIT, crack examinations and also maintain a healthy competition with their batchmates. The story revolves around three friends, Vaibhav, Meena and Uday, who are being shown the right track in any problems that they face in their lives by their very own Jeetu bhaiya, the physics teacher in the coaching institute, from where they are taking their IIT preparation coaching classes. The friendship, the bond that the three of them share with each other, with Jeetu bhaiya, amd with their special friends Vartika, Meenal and Shivangi, respectively are so beautiful and touchy. This story would definitely make you feel nostalgic about school days and school friends, and the memories, in fact the best days of your lives that you have spent in your school. This is a must watch for eveyone. This has a beautiful storyline with Jeetu bhaiya, who gives the perfect solution to every problems, and the perfect guidance to the students. His character portrays the intricate friendly bond that a teacher and his student shares, inspite of whatever competition that are facing. In one word, this is a gem of a web-series.