Kota Factory Review

  • 4/5
Superb - Must Watch

Kota Factory web series takes you completely through the life of a Kota Student and shows you the real struggle of students behind the entrance exam preparations for IIT and medical. But along with this Kota Factory also showcases the fun,friendship,leisure, and many other stories from the life of a kota student. It takes you back to your college days with its amazing script and acting. Every Episode focuses on a specific topic which relates to each of ours life and teaches you something new. Its all about learning, keeping your confidence high and moving on with life with its strict twists and turns. Season 1 of Kota Factory has total 5 episodes which takes through the life of a kota student preparing for IIT and medical. Talking about the roles. all the actors have performed well and maintained the level such that every person watching this series. resembles it to their life which makes watching this series much more interesting and that's the true success of this web series.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the Season 2 and want to continue exploring the life of Kota Student ahead. Thus, Kota Factory offers many things to its viewers along with a great content to binge upon. Its a good web series to definitely have a look upon and dive virtually into the life of a student preparing for IIT or medical.