• 4/5
Must Watch

We have all been there, haven’t we - having awkward conversations with parents on myriad topics that are, generally, a tad too late? How often have you been subjected to embarrassment because of these situations? I have been through many – from periods to sex to pregnancies, name it.

Therefore, it was a refreshing change to come across a series that highlighted my plight and showed me how I was not the only one going through it. Apparently, most of our parents have not cracked the code yet to subtle conversations on “hot” topics.

The Screen Patti very well lays out the tragedy that befalls its protagonist, Ishaan in Awkward Conversations with Parents while also addressing the various quintessential and relevant topics in today’s world. TSP beautifully and coherently addresses topics such as condoms, girlfriends, homosexuality, wet dreams and pregnancies. Loveleen Mishra is phenomenal as the mother who is concerned about her soon-to-be adult son and the hilarity that ensues every time Ishaan is caught, makes this 5 episode series a must watch.