Amish Gupta
  • 4/5
Adorkable and hilarious

If the first thought that arises when you finish watching an episode is, 'I wish my parents were this cool,' then you're not alone but fortunately things aren't all sunny for Ishaan (Ritvik Sahore) either as he often finds himself attempting to defend a lost case to his parents (played by Loveleen Mishra and Subhrajyoti Barat) about unspeakable things-condom, sex or homosexuality.

The format is quite typical. The parents end up finding out about their son's predicament which they weren't supposed to, leading Ishaan to come up with a believable concoction about the find, at which, he always fails miserably and his parents figure out the whole truth resulting in an extremely comical and awkward confrontation. From finding condoms in his pocket to a girlfriend who has been snuck in or stains from nightfall, the inquisitive parents, a helpless son and witty writing results in a great formulae for entertainment.

Each episode is roughly 10 minutes longs and packed with some convincing performances and fresh, humorous lines. Son's misery inciting sympathy, mothers genuine concern and dad's suave nonchalant brushing off of all tension is well balanced and makes for an intriguing watch.

It's a great prep for when you might find yourself in a sticky situation.