She Review

  • 3.5/5
Different and bold

The strongest selling point of ‘SHE’ has to be its absolutely stunning performances. Show features a mix of interesting characters. But Vijay Verma who plays an eccentric drug dealer- Shasya, is not just memorable but so brilliant that he immediately becomes the center of attention whenever he is on screen. Aaditi Pohankar’s portrayal of Bumi- a reserved cop who goes undercover as a prostitute to bust a drug racket, is again carried out with conviction.

While at its core ‘She’ is a classic crime thriller about Bombay cops and their battle with an elusive drug lord and his strong, infallible drug network. But the show also tracks the journey of Bumi who breaks free from her repressing and restraining reality and learns to embrace her sexuality and herself. Here’s the catch, though she is supposed to be empowered, but her empowerment does not come naturally from within and rather depends on how men around Bumi see her and what they think of her. This partial narrative doesn’t allow Bumi’s character to truly shine.

In spite of some convincing performances, show doesn’t deliver to its potential due to a convoluted plot. Story begins at a high note moves at a rather slow pace and ends on a low note, thus making the cliff hanger feel a bit anticlimactic. Overall, ‘She’ is a unique crime thriller that tries to dwell into psyche of its characters, despite a choppy script it manages to hold attention. It may not be ingenious but has its moments of glory.

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