• 3.5/5

Raja Rani is in Tamil, but some of the stars I know from other industries. I think it was released dubbed in Telugu at the same time.

The movie starts with a couple getting married in a church, and you can see that both are super reluctant. The bride even says the wrong name when it come to the "I Do's" and her dad collapses. The Dad is Sathyaraj -- Kattapa from Baahubali!! In cool super suave blue modern glasses!

The groom is played by Arya, who I saw in the Telugu rom com Size Zero. He's pretty darn cute. The bride is an actress I did not know before, Nayantara .

So, the newlyweds HATE each other, until a crisis point and then they learn each other's back stories. It's basically Mouna Ragam x 2 but with an interesting twist at the end. From the wiki article, the film was written to be an Arya vehicle, and I frankly like his back story romance better because he's paired with my favorite Nazriya Nazim from the Malayalam film Ohn Shanti Oshana!! She's just such a better actress than Nayantara.

Nazriya tortures young Arya calling him brother all the time, but secretly loving the attention and mooning over her he does.

It has some parts that are a little dragging, but it's definitely one I could rewatch as it was just adorable in some of the scenes. I don't know if the couple quite earned their happy ending as much as Mouna Ragam one did, but all the scenes of the newlyweds hating each other were mostly very funny. They used a very funny trick showing them getting ready in the morning together in front of the mirror, but they mirror showed what they really wanted to do to each other!

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