Raid Review

  • 3/5
Disappointing and Clumsy

When the trailer for this films came out, I didn't think it was that promising. Then I found out that it is being directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, who previously hailed the critically acclaimed Aamir(2008). In addition, it was written by Ritesh Shah, the writer of compelling Pink(2016). I had my hopes up high due to these two gentlemen. But, unfortunately, I was hugely disappointed by the clumsily written script and poorly shot sequences. The song placements are cringe-worthy and the romantic angle which is introduced, seems unnatural. The only reason why I would recommend this film would be Saurabh Shukla, who is as usual, terrific as the corrupt politician! The script provides him layers that edge him out from being a typical baddie! Ajay Devgn is mostly straight-faced but adds a lot to the film due to his stature as the bollywood superstar. Almost all the other roles, including Ileana D'Cruz's are underwritten. It is a one-time watch at best.

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