Girls Hostel Review

  • 4/5

The web series "The Girls Hostel" by Girliyapa takes on a heart-warming take on what usually happens in a girl’s hostel. With a well-acted cast, this series provides us with memorable laughs.

With the medical college hostels as the backdrop, the series dramatizes incidents which usally happens in a hostel, yet still serving to be relatable to all the female hostelites.

The first episode is called "bra chor”, the episode starts off with what a girl especially from a strict family feels when she starts to live kind of far from the parents with a new found freedom from their constant surveillance yet still feeling sad over the going to be absent the parental love. This episode then goes on to introduce various characters .

The later on episodes have the same approach towards what Indian Girls usually feels in the hostel, from adjusting to the roommate’s whims and stupidities to getting their new bras stolen(Which is common in most of the girls hostels) , sneaking past the curfew time , college romance etc.

The warden and her vigilance is given a funny look, kind of showing the truth about the extent the wardens of hostels goes to "control" the hostelites in a rather comical way.

Since the series has a medical background, it presents us a satirical view on how medical students look on the dental students and how the society presents these two sects of the medical field.

The series is relatable to the hostelites and puts the college pass-outs on a train of nostalgia. #LOLFunny #bestOfAdventure #addiction #chickFlick #cute #entertaining