Honest and incredibly mature
Ah! In a sea of mediocre series with overblown characters, Summer Love is a down-to-earth, simple piece of production that greets you like a summer breeze. It makes you believe in the power of filmmaking by going back to the basics --the story and the characters-- a refreshingly rare move today. The story starts off mid-dialogue, which is one of the most ingenious ways to get the audience hooked. It then ascends at just the right pace and we take a seat inside the characters’ minds as they narrate their feelings and their journey together.

Unlike other shows in the genre, this one chooses to make both the characters’ stories heard, and not just the male lead’s. The show is cute but sticks incredibly well to realistic scenarios. The background score is incredibly well-placed and the characters’ chemistry is almost unreal. They mesh incredibly well, and the story does a stellar job of portraying love-- from overthinking about his cues to using an ice cream to symbolize their feelings--the show puts a lot of effort into the little things, and, in the show’s lingo, isn’t it the little things that matter the most?

This is a must-watch if you’re fond of intelligent storylines and creative character arcs.

Nope reviewed Summer Love
A Pakistani web series, 'Summer Love', is a result of the collaboration between Cornetto and Teeli Productions. It is a story of two people, seemingly opposite, in fact poles apart if you may, working together on an internship and getting over their prejudices and feeling the warmth of love bubbling inside them for each other. This offers you with a breezy, light hearted narrative that is beautiful. Well made and beset with decent performances, this is a treat from across the borders.
Summer Love is a Pakistani romance web series by Teeli. It is the story of two people who meet and fall in love during an internship. The visualization of the show is pretty commendable as it really dwells into a love story. The leads do a decent job at acting and the story depicts an innocent side of love. I has only four episodes and does a good job at portraying the various stages of a relationship. This is one of those FilterCopy videos which you just see and smile.
Summer Love is a Pakistani web series released by Teeli, a media company based in Pakistan. It is was released on 4th June 2019 and currently has 3 episodes. It is a romantic mini web series. The series is not that good neither that bad. It consists of Nida and Sami who are exactly opposite of each other. They meet at an internship and had to work together. In the beginning, they had the wrong impression about each other but later on things get normal and they start to build chemistry. The concept is quite familiar and an old one. The screenplay is not that good but the actors did a great job. It’s not that interesting but can be watched. It is streaming on YouTube on their channel named Teeli.
A familiar concept , presented in a slightly different environment summer love is a web series that deals with the love story of 2 interns , who are falling in a friendship after a hate relation.Both are different , come for from different background. It portrays the bond that is formed by working together in a similar environment. It is little slow paced but has the potential of a good plot in the coming episodes. The building of the bond during the extra working hours and over the working hours have a freshness in the lineup and the Pakistani jokes and accent is a new flavour. This is a Pakistani production under Teeli and has released 3 episodes as of now.
On YouTube Teeli is a well known channel which produces authentic and original content. Summer love is a Pakistani web series produced by Teeli. It is story of two strangers who are way different then each other just like the opposite poles. The lead characters in the series are Nida and Sami ,they both have joined a 6 week internship ilat a web designing company and by coincidentally they have to work together. They both hate each other in the start. Sami has vowed in the beginning to not fall for anyone, and so has Nida. But as time passes and they get to know each other there's something brewing between them. They are not aware but us as audience can sense it. There are three episodes till now and I can't wait for the next one. This is a cute love story. I'll update when all the episodes are out.
Much love.
This is very familiar concept these days , maybe not all the freshers can experience all the feelings shown here but for sure they have gone through at least some of them like first day problems , having a special feeling for colleagues ,especially for opposite genders, etc., etc., it's a bit #slowPaced . our leads had a starting problem to talk with each other just like any other adult, later they became friends and then #friendsToLovers . Spending some over time in office is so irritating , but not when your friend is with you. some scenes are #predictable too , as we all know that phase of interaction.
Could have been a better cliché
Summer Love is a web orginal by Teeli and one can easily find it on Youtube. The series is rather slow-paced and boring. It doesn't strike a chord with the viewers. The series basically follows the story of two interns Nida-a perfectionist and Sami - a chilled and laidback sort of guy and how they end up falling for each other even though they are poles apart. Both the actors try their best to stay committed to their roles, but fail in executing it. To be honest, we cannot entirely blame them, the script is slack and lacks crisp. Even though the show tries to stay afloat with its cliché plot but it gets reduced to being a part of one of the many "OPPOSITES ATTRACT" themed series. The script could have been better in terms of execution and the story could have been more vibrant and diverse by introducing a few complications and necessary comic relief instead of the unnecessary ones.
Summer Love is a sweet and simple Teeli original web-series, where we are introduced to Nida and Sami, two office colleagues, who meet during an internship.

Although they were poles apart, Nida is a very serious person, whereas Sami is a happy-go-lucky guy with a cool attitude, they become friends with each other quickly. They became friends gradually, while working on a same project, where Nida needed to help Sami with the assignment. As correctly said by their head, "Teamwork makes the dream work."

The story continues through three episodes. Although, the happenings in the story may seem a bit slowpaced, but it shows how Nida and Sami loved spending time with each other, how they used to share their feelings with each other- like Nida shared with Sami why she was upset as their head had made fun of her, publicly, which she felt was insulting to her. Sami tried to make her understand and calm her down. Although they were quite different from each other, they were the perfect examples of "opposites attract."

I think, this is a good and simple tale by Teeli. The three episodes are available on YouTube.