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Jeevan, jeevan, dariya dariya,
Ek jo paar karo, dusra dariyaa milay.
Saawan saawan, baghiya baghiya,
Yun bhi hota hai ke patthar pe bhi hain phool khilay.
Seedhe patte paday, baazi yeh tu jeet gaya,
Waqt mushkil thha magar jaise bhi ho beet gaya.
Aaj duniya bhi tere saathh gun guna thi hai,
Kal akela hee thha jo dukh bhara who geet gaya.

I’ve been runnin’ half way around the world
and I found myself at the station one day.
I was headin’ to the heartland of desire,
Exit to the left and I saw a girl standing there.
And she said "Hey man, I wanna take that train."
This Indian summer sky,
The unforgettable fire in her eyes,
took all of my attention.
I had every intention of walkin’ away
but then I realized,
She’s gonna love me today. #song
Train Song | Gully Boy | Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt | Raghu Dixit & Karsh Kale |
Gully Boy is a movie which brings out positivity and gives you motivation to achieve your life goals and not just settle for an ordinary life.

Absolutely brilliant acting by all Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and Siddhant Chaturvedi. Acting of every actor is very energetic and real!

This movie portrays the hip hop/rap culture in India which is not appreciated that much in the country. Artists like DIVINE, NAEZY, etc are the real gully boys and the movie is based on artists like them.

The movie has 18 SONGS and the music in the music is something that has really got the audience excited.

Its a movie for everyone but specially the youth.
It’s surely a very entertaining movie and i would suggest that its worth watching.🔥🙌🏾
GULLY BOY - Not your typical rags to riches story
Gully boy isn't your typical rags to riches story. In fact, it tries to stay as far away from it as possible. The protagonist doesn't become too successful, the lives of many characters has little to no improvement. This movie deals with the fact that everything doesn't go right for everyone.
Set in Mumbai's Dharavi locality, the movie takes us through the journey of a young man, born into poverty, unsure of himself and his future. His love for writing songs and rapping is not supported by his family. This movie shows us how Muraad(played by Ranveer Singh) overcomes a lot of obstacles to pursue his dreams of becoming a rapper.
The movie gives us an acting powerhouse. From Ranveer Singh's silent performance that speaks volumes and Alia bhatt's explosive acting, to Siddhant Chaturvedi(MC Sher), Vijay Raaz(Muraad's dad), Vijay Verma(Muraad's friend) and many more, this movie is sure to impress you with it's acting performances. The scenes with Muraad and his father are emotionally compelling and some of the best in the movie
This movie touches apon many topics such as polygamy, child labour, feminism, etc. but still manages to stay with the main story.
The first half is quite slow, but second half is a lot more gripping. All in all, it is a movie that is enjoyable, but may not be your first choice if you're deciding on which movie to watch on a Friday night.
The characters and direction is refreshing but I felt Gully boy won too easily.
Things I loved about the movie is obviously the solid performance, not on-the-face social references and lack of cliche scene for an inspiring movie.
This boy is going places!
I am personally not a very big fan of Raveer singh. I felt like his best acting was in Dil dhadak Ne Do. Now the same team has come out with Gully Boy and although I know exactly ZERO about Hip-Hop, rap and such things, I decided to see this film first day first show.
For me Zoya Akhtar as a film maker has never disappointed and the same is true for this film. She has a way of making films, which at the time don’t seem too long but are actually over 2 and half hours easily.
Direction & Story:
As already mentioned Zoya Akhtar is a fantastic director. In most of her films the theme is ‘aspiration to be better than your surroundings’. Right from Luck by chance to Gully Boy all her films share this theme. Rich or poor, characters in her film are stuck in life and bogged down by the limitations set up by their surroundings. So this is a theme she is a master at and Gully boy is her most underdog story yet. Until now most of her stories had financially rich but emotionally handicapped characters. However, in this film, Ranveer singh plays a character who lives in Dharavi and is poor. He believes, ‘apna time ayega’ he sits and writes down in frustration.
The transition from portraying upper class rich folk to really poor folk is often botched up by Bollywood. It just doesn’t look or feel real. It’s often not gritty enough. Zoya and writer Reema Kagti manage to side step this pitfall and create some VERY realistic and believable people inhabiting the slums of Dharavi. Not a single person breaks this illusion of how it is to lead that life.
This is the biggest win for this film. It seems, rather it portrays the subject very authentically. There is a sincerity behind the effort to get to the heart of this story.

Acting :
Ranveer Singh gives his career best performance in the film. He is extremely believable as Murad. He is not over the top like his other films and keeps himself grounded for the whole film. Alia bhatt is probably the best actress of her generation, she manages to portray all the nuances of her character without it becoming unbelievable. She is not shown as likable but still she is perfect for Ranveer’s Murad.
The breakout mention here is for newcomer Siddhant Chaturvedi. It’s his first film and he manages to upstage Ranveer at times. It’s not an accident. He is playing a sort of mentor to Ranveer and his upstaging of Murad is a plot requirement. No Bollywood egos to be seen where Ranveer would ask for less scenes of Siddhant or to cut the scene where he upstages him.
Rest of the cast including Vijay Raaz as the stern father are played perfectly by the actors.

‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ had some of the best cinematography I had seen till that point in a Bollywood film. Gully boy doesn’t exceed that, but it keeps the track record of rather well done camera moves and excellent blocking.
While this is not something normal audience notice, it does affect them on how they are seeing a scene and its mood. The beginning of the film is shot in primarily close ups to show how suffocating life is for the characters. Slowly the frames start to expand and you get to see far shots of locales and characters. Portraying their sense of freedom.
Film making is not a based on one thing alone, everything has to come together. Films can have great story but can also be shot badly. This film works on every level. The story is adequate, the visuals very effective and the music… how can we NOT talk about the music?

Music & Soundtrack :
I have already admitted that Rap & hip Hop is not my genre and I do not understand this type of music at all. Having said that, the soundtrack of Gully Boy was awesome. Right from the first song, the music, the lyrics the rap all worked for me. The way the first song is picturized is very international and kudos to the film makers for making a music video which lives up to high standards without being all Bollywood and dance numbers.
The best musical films make a certain way of going about with their songs. They start with the most average song first and the graph picks up from there. Think for a minute about Taal. That film had a lot of good songs, but the graph keeps going up. (Talking about Taal)The first 2 songs are decent, then the Mumbai based songs are even better and finally the song for the finale is epic.
The same applies for Gully Boy. In a properly done film, the end track should leave you on your feet cheering. If they had not managed that, to make the final song the best one yet, then this film would have fallen flat (Example ABCD).
But the last song ‘Apna Time Ayega’ is a huge crowd pleaser without being over the top.

Overall :
On the topic of over the top, this film never leaves its boundaries of its setting and never goes ballistic trying to show the Gully Boy becoming world famous. Maybe they are planning on a sequel, but for this story, things are kept grounded in a way that is believable without being boring.
The movie is sort of predictable and nothing happens which is super surprising, but that is not the type of film this is going for. This is not a thriller, it’s a simple aspirational film, done perfectly.

Rating :
8/10. For me this is a must watch for its amazing music, great cinematography, good direction and overall just a very well made film.

P.S : I recently saw 8 mile as a comparison before seeing Gully boy. For once Bollywood out does Hollywood by miles (pun intended). Gully Boy is the film 8 miles wishes it were. There is nothing similar in the two films whatsoever. People speculating that this is just a bad copy of 8 mile, eat your heart out… this film far surpasses 8 mile and is probably one of the best musical aspirational underdog films ever made.

Love the way you prepare yourself for watching movies :)