• Air date: 01 Nov '13 16 episodes
      The first year in New Orleans hasn't been easy. The fifth season finds Torres in a completely re-established Villalobos in the heart of the New Orleans' ninth ward. The city offers even more stories of rescue and rehabilitation including a mission involving a protective mama dog and her litter of seven puppies and Tia's dangerous retrieval of two stray pit bulls hiding beneath a precarious two-ton pile of lumber. This season, Tia and her staff are confronted with more cases of dog abuse and dog
  • List of Episodes (16)
    • 1. Out of the Dark

      02 Nov '13
      Tia recruits the twins and newly-hired work release prisoner to rescue a pit bull from the bottom of a 40-foot hole. Then, Mariah helps Tia with a heart-wrenching adoption to a young couple reeling from the tragic loss of their dog.
    • 2. Shell Shocked

      09 Nov '13
      Tania oversees the rescue of 10 dogs left to die in deplorable conditions. Tia helps a family find the perfect companion for their special needs teenager. The adoption takes a turn for the bizarre when Tia learns about the family's large, exotic pet.
    • 3. Pitch Black

      16 Nov '13
      A midnight rescue finds Tia, Tania and new employee Perry scrambling after an injured dog. With the kennels pushed to the limit, a familiar face arrives returns to help out. Then a chance at a forever home is threatened by an unexpected danger.
    • 4. Puppy-Palooza

      23 Nov '13
      A rescue mission brings Tia and daughter Mariah face-to-face with a protective mama dog and her litter of seven puppies. With Villalobos now overrun with puppies, it's up to new parolee William to step up and keep control of the rowdy pups.
    • 5. Giving Back

      30 Nov '13
      Two stray pit bulls hiding beneath a two-ton stack of lumber lure Tia into a dramatic and potentially deadly rescue. Then a colorful Bayou couple visit Villalobos in the hope of adopting a dog to fill the void left by their recently deceased pup.
    • 6. Flood Watch

      07 Dec '13
      Tia receives a call about a puppy stuck in a pipe at the edge of the river and enlists the help of the twins and the parolees to rescue the dog. Then, it's up to Tania and Perry to help build up a shy puppy's confidence when an adopter comes calling.
    • 7. A New Future

      14 Dec '13
      Tia brings in reinforcements to rescue a dog from a dangerous part of New Orleans. Tania is left stunned when she becomes the center of attention at her boyfriend's birthday party.
    • 8. Rescuing the Holidays

      28 Dec '13
      Join Tia, her kids, the parolees, old friends and beloved volunteers for a special holiday gathering. Catch up with fan-favorite pit bulls who have been adopted over the years. Re-live the most surprising rescues and the most poignant adoptions.
    • 9. Can't Give Up

      04 Jan '14
      When a dog finally gets a chance at being adopted, the team has to drive all the way to Michigan for the home check. Their journey is disrupted when a plea for help sends Tia chasing after a dog that has been living on the streets for two years.
    • 10. Collision Course

      11 Jan '14
      A dangerous rescue mission is launched to secure two dogs spotted running wild on the train tracks next to the rescue center. And, a husband and wife come looking to adopt a dog to help them heal after a crippling accident.
    • 11. Not Meant to Be

      18 Jan '14
      An adopter from Texas fails to connect with the dog he drove hundreds of miles to adopt, but Tia might have the perfect match. Tania deals with a shocking drop-off. And a work-release inmate is in the hot seat when two prison guards visit Villalobos.
    • 12. Battle Scars

      25 Jan '14
      A frightening rescue sends the Villalobos team racing into the city in search of a dog reportedly hit by a car. And with kennels at peak capacity, hopes are pinned on adopting out a dog to a police officer and his sister.
    • 13. Rescue Resurrection

      01 Feb '14
      Tia gets a call about a dog loose at a construction site, and is shocked by what she discovers. A family with an unusual lifestyle comes looking to adopt a new puppy. And, when a favorite dog's cancer returns, Tia gets an emotional punch to the gut.
    • 14. Almost Perfect

      08 Feb '14
      Tia and two parolees scramble to rescue a dog left for dead in a dangerous part of town. A college girl from South Carolina comes looking to adopt a special needs dog. And, the parolees scramble when a dog is dumped on the rescue center's doorstep.
    • 15. From the Shadows

      15 Feb '14
      Tia and parolee William go the extra to ensure a shy, special needs dog is adopted by a couple from Florida. Then, Mariah enlists a parolee's help to rescue a dangerously skinny dog. And, Tania and Perry struggle to plan their unconventional wedding.
    • 16. Perfect Match

      22 Feb '14
      Tia heads to a dangerous part of New Orleans to rescue a mama dog left to die. And, a tropical storm threatens to disrupt Tania and Perry's wedding.