• Air date: 04 Jan '20 9 episodes
      Follow Tia Torres, founder of Villalobos Rescue Center, and her family as they rehabilitate both felons and ill-reputed pit bulls who come together to rescue one another from their dim pasts, and bring new meaning to life.
  • List of Episodes (9)
    • 1. Weather the Storm

      04 Jan '20
      As VLC braces for Hurricane Barry, Tia and her crew ensure the animals' safety; Mariah and Earl tend to a stray Labradoodle that has been shot; a cancer survivor hopes to rescue an unwanted dog she loves called East.
    • 2. Twist of Fate

      04 Jan '20
      Tia and M2 take to the water to prepare a pit bull for her forever home; a new parolee comes to Villalobos from Boston, hoping stay on track so that he can make his teenage son proud; a stray dog is near death when Lizzy and Heidi find him.
    • 3. Rescued From War

      02 Aug '20
      Tia takes in a pit bull that was rescued from terrible conditions in Kuwait. An adopter travels from Michigan in hopes of finding a new best friend. When a stray dog ends up at Villalobos, Earl is determined to track down its owner.
    • 4. Danger Ahead

      16 Aug '20
      When Kanani is in a serious motorcycle accident, Tia and the Villalobos crew must band together to ensure him a speedy recovery. A retired Marine visits to find a forever fur-friend, while Lizzy and Earl rescue a hound found in a parking lot.
    • 5. Last Chance Rescue

      23 Aug '20
      Tia races to rescue four dogs from a rural shelter in Louisiana from euthanasia. Mariah and Toney give a scared, shy dog a shot at a forever home, while a unique canine gets a chance at a Pennsylvania prison dog program.
    • 6. Fall From Grace

      30 Aug '20
      VRC's favorite parolee gets arrested. A couple comes to Villalobos hoping to find a friend for their bulldog. Mariah and Spencer rescue a dog left behind at an abandoned home, only to find out that she's suffering from severe injuries.
    • 7. Everything for Emma

      06 Sep '20
      Mariah searches for a homeless woman needing to surrender her beloved pit bull. Tania and Toney find the perfect pair of dogs for former adopters, while Lizzy prepares her favorite rescue for a forever home after dealing with his medical issues.
    • 8. One Man's Treasure

      13 Sep '20
      Toney and Earl rescue an aggressive dog found tied up in front of an abandoned home. Tia and Lizzy escort a pit bull to its potential forever home in New Jersey, while Mariah helps a deserted canine struggling with neurological issues.
    • 9. Rescue Dogs Reunited

      20 Sep '20
      Tia and M2 welcome back a couple who wants to reunite their adoptee with her former best friend. Mariah and Toney discover a hound in desperate shape, while Mariah does everything in her power to nurse VRC's first Louisiana rescue back to health.