Pit Bulls and Parolees : Season 12

    • Air date: 18 Jan '19 11 episodes
  • List of Episodes (11)

    1. Pressure Cooker

    • Villalobos faces one of their most challenging rescues when a house fire reveals a massive dog-hoarding situation. Two teachers fall in love with a deaf puppy they hope to give a forever home.

    2. Golden Girl

    • Mariah faces a challenging rescue when the dog in danger is deaf. Former adopters come back to Villalobos set on adopting a special needs dog. And the rescue struggles to track down a dog's owner because of outdated microchip information.

    3. A Family Connection

    • A VRC senior dog finally gets a chance to have a forever home when a couple from Idaho comes to New Orleans to find a new family member.

    4. Southern Dogs in the City

    • Villalobos participates in Dog Bowl, creating a chance for a handful of dogs to steal the spotlight. M2 helps a neglected dog left in horrible conditions. And a couple takes the first step towards becoming parents - adopting a Villalobos dog.

    5. A Box of Puppies

    • A potential adopter wants to give a forever home to a senior dog that has only known kennel life. M2 and Kanani are shocked when they find a box of puppies in a field. And, Matt and Earl head to the kitchen to cook up some fresh food for a sick dog.

    6. Fire Dog

    • A potential best friend needs to pass a unique test before he can be adopted out. Parolee Jammall returns after a mysterious absence. A year after losing their house in a fire, M2 and Kanani do something special for the dog who saved their lives.

    7. Like a Boss

    • Tia and Country Matt team up to rescue a reportedly aggressive dog. When a local student wants to adopt a dog that can join her on runs, Earl joins in the training regimen. And, parolee Jammall oversees the care of a dog with serious health issues.

    8. Last of the Mobsters

    • Tia and her kids race to rescue a stray dog near a dangerous, busy highway. An adoption requires some temperament testing in an 18-wheel truck when a trucker wants to adopt a dog to join him on the road. And, a return adopter seeks out a senior dog.

    9. The Pitz Carlton

    • Lizzy and Elise struggle to rescue a dehydrated dog in the blazing heat. An anxious, abandoned dog is moved to a new warehouse for dogs with special needs. And, Tia and the twins help a friend of the rescue find the perfect match.

    10. Love at First Sight

    • Tia's son Kanani, and his fiancée M2, prepare for their wedding. Parolee Jammall finds an abandoned dog and asks Mariah for help rescuing it. And, a mother and son visit Villalobos hoping to find a new friend for their family dog.

    11. The Dogs That Stole Our Hearts

    • Tia, her kids and the extended Villalobos family reveal the behind the scenes stories of the dogs that have stolen their hearts over the years.