• Air date: 18 Nov '21 4 episodes
      Pepsi, Where's My Jet?: When a 20-year-old attempts to win a fighter jet in a Pepsi sweepstakes, he sets the stage for a David versus Goliath court battle ...
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    • 2. Let’s Make a Deal

      18 Nov '21
      John and Todd perfect their scheme. They send in their Pepsi Points and their check, and wait. The Pepsi executives scramble, and the lawyers descend.
    • 3. The Bad News Bears

      18 Nov '21
      The Pentagon has to issue a statement. Scammers start to circle. To win this case, John needs to go to trial in the court of public opinion.
    • 4. Landing the Plane

      18 Nov '21
      Interviewees recall a 1992 campaign in the Philippines that went so awry, it led to riots and deaths. In 1999, John's court battle reaches a conclusion.