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  • Peaky Blinders 2013- : List of All Seasons

    • 5 Seasons 30 Episodes
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    Season 5

    Aug 2019 - 6 Episodes
    It is 1929, Tommy Shelby MP is approached by a charismatic politician with a bold vision for Britain, he realises that his response will affect not just his family’s future but that of the entire nation.

    Season 4

    Nov 2017 - 6 Episodes
    It is 1924, Tommy Shelby is caught in a dangerous web of international intrigue.

    Season 3

    May 2016 - 6 Episodes

    Season 2

    Oct 2014 - 6 Episodes
    We pick up where we left off at the end of the first series, with Cillian Murphy’s Thomas Shelby typing a letter (must take him ages doing it with that one-fingered technique he’s got going), tossing a coin and deciding what the heck to to do about his beloved – and mildly treacherous – Grace. While he’s doing that, Grace is on a train platform faced with a bullet from the nasty Inspector Campbell (go on, Sam Neill, twirl your moustache for us! Pleeeeeease!). What better way to dodge

    Season 1

    Sep 2013 - 6 Episodes