• Air date: 10 Mar '23 8 episodes
      A group of paranormal enthusiasts set out to investigate a haunted Castle on Halloween night. Excited to capture evidence of the afterlife, they quickly realize that the castle is even more active than anticipated. As the night wears on and the paranormal activity intensifies, the group must use all their knowledge and skill to outlast the supernatural forces and uncover the castle's dark history in order to escape with their lives.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • Sixteen players must form teams to survive their first night on rugged Alaskan terrain — but frigid temperatures and scarce resources won't make it easy.
    • 2. Hunger Pains

      10 Mar '23
      Three days in, some players break down and Jordan plays mind games. The teams must build rafts and beat the tide to reach crab traps on a nearby island.
    • 3. Man-down

      10 Mar '23
      On the heels of some big setbacks, tensions rise between the teams. While some players forge new alliances, others commit brutal betrayals.
    • 4. Hunting the Thief

      10 Mar '23
      At the two-week mark, strategy trumps sportsmanship as Paul pulls a self-serving move and Alpha Camp deviously plots to force players out.
    • 5. Burn it to the Ground

      10 Mar '23
      Justin's sly move adds moral dilemmas and a new level of unpredictability to the game. Rival teams on each side of the river consider joining forces.
    • 6. Luring the Enemy

      10 Mar '23
      A lone player must find a team fast — or go home. A fishing expedition proves successful but heartbreaking. Charlie Camp puts Jill in a tough spot.
    • 7. Desperate Measures

      10 Mar '23
      With six players remaining, dwindling food supplies fuel distrust and accusations. When loyalties come into question, one team begins to splinter.
    • 8. The Final Straw

      10 Mar '23
      After more than a month in the wild, the final two teams begin a hazardous hike to the finish line — but only one can claim the ultimate prize.