Mysteries at the Museum : Season 18

    • Air date: 08 Feb '18 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. Ground Zero Flag, Space Suit and Pacific Codebreaker

    2. Terra Australis, Operation Underworld and Heroine Hostess

    3. Jefferson's Wine, First High Flyer and Stefania's Thirteen

    4. Alaska Highway, Tale of Beatrix Potter and Cleopatra's Needle

    5. Benny's Banner, Lost for Words and Raising Chicago

    6. Dishwasher, Golden Lake and Bridge Buster

    7. Dippy the Dinosaur, Golden Record and Hooverball

    8. Ping-Pong Diplomacy, Blazing Steamship Rescue and Death Ray

    9. Battle of the Sexes, Circus Riot and Last Train to Freedom

    10. Etch A Sketch, Cowboy Bob and Pilates

    11. Leonardo's Parachute, School Children's Blizzard and Muddy Discovery

    12. Titanic Orphans, Plot to Kill the Pope and Magical Unicorn

    13. Vikings in America, Voyager Emergency and Luckiest Lucky Cat