Floribama Shore : Season 2

    • Air date: 09 Jul '18 26 episodes
  • List of Episodes (26)

    1. Psycho ass beach

    • The roommates head to Panama City Beach for another summer at the shore; when Codi and Gus pull a prank on Kortni, a fight breaks out between all the roommates; everyone rallies for their first night out in PCB.

    2. Dirty But Worth It

    • The bond between the roommates is slow to gel when harsh words open old wounds between Jeremiah and Codi and another prank puts the house on high alert over toothpaste; Gus has his new playboy attitude on display.

    3. To Hunch or Not to Hunch?

    • In Nilsa's search for a good guy, she now has her sights set on Gus. Aimee is sick after a night of partying, and it could be more than just a hangover. When the roommates go out to celebrate Gus's birthday, an altercation occurs.

    4. Miss La Vela

    • Gus' birthday night ends in a disaster when the cops show up to arrest Kirk; the girls plan another surprise party for Gus to make up for his bad night; the roommates come together to support Candace and Nilsa.

    5. More Than a Boo Thang

    • Candice agrees to join Codi on a date, but after talking to her "boo-thang" back home, she cancels dinner and Codi's excitement shifts to revenge. A new relationship is put to the test when a fight between Kortni and her boyfriend ends in tears.

    6. Sex, Lies, and Caution Tape

    • Summer fun catches up with the roommates as they all start to get sick. Kortni receives some troubling news from her mom that puts her relationship on the line. Candace invites her boo-thang to visit the shore and it puts the whole house on edge

    7. Boo-Thang Blues

    • Candace and Kortni have their hands full trying to manage their relationships both inside and outside the house; GatorJay231SouthsideGod arrives to a beach house practically drowning in drama.

    8. The Faint Blue Line

    • Featuring the story of eight young adults who come to spend the summer in the beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up and put the real world on hold for a little bit longer.

    9. There's No C in Disease

    • After breaking up with Logan, Kortni is worried she may be pregnant with his baby. Candace and Kortni continue to struggle with their friendship. Jeremiah has some fun with a hook up.

    10. Kook-a-Pooped

    • The roommates throw Kortni a surprise beach party to celebrate the fact that she’s not pregnant. But Kortni’s mixed emotions about the whole situation reach a boiling point. Candace rethinks her relationship with Gator

    11. Girl, Bye

    • Everyone goes out to party and take Jeremiah's mind off the death of his grandfather; Nilsa gets drunk and ruins the night, creating a huge fight between her and Aimee; Candace and Kortni plan a girl's trip.

    12. A Thin Line Between Hunch and Hate

    • A day at Mermaid Academy promises to bring the girls back together; a surprise gift from Logan makes Kortni second-guess their breakup; while Gus continues to resist Nilsa's advances, he can only stay strong for so long.

    13. Scorn in the Bayou

    • When Jeremiah returns to the beach house, the roommates surprise him with a road trip to New Orleans. Candace is forced to face an incident with Gator Jay that she had hoped to keep in the past. Gus and Nilsa's game of cat-and-mouse.

    14. Reservations for Eight

    • Everyone is forced to take sides following Aimee's attack on Gus; the boys head out to Bourbon Street to find some young ladies to share the fun on their final night in NOLA; back home in PCB, the factions are reunited.

    15. Impubescent Clown

    • Logan continues to pop-up out-of-the-blue and menace the roommates; Candace contemplates her future with Gator.

    16. Girl Code Red

    • Kortni gets some shocking news about Logan; Nilsa plays matchmaker for Aimee; the drama stirs up painful memories.

    17. Hunch Punch

    • Gus and Nilsa's hookup sends shockwaves through the house; Kortni decides to lay it all on the line and tell Jeremiah how she feels; Nilsa catches feelings; Gus sets his sights on a group of sorority girls.

    18. A Whole Lotta Yikes

    • Aimee pulls out all the stops to help Nilsa get over the fact that Gus brought another girl home; Candace struggles to come up with the right way to tell Gator how she feels; Kortni notices a change in Jeremiah.

    19. Let's Taco 'Bout It

    • Everyone is eager to leave the drama in PCB as they board a plane for Mexico, but Kortni brings with her a dark cloud that threatens to dampen the whole trip; Gus and Nilsa are determined to leave Gilsa back home.

    20. Too Late for Apologies

    • The party continues in Mexico, but Gus is having trouble staying focused on one woman; Kortni has a breakdown; Jeremiah tests the limits of his endurance; Candace faces her worst fears.

    21. Not Nothing Physical

    • After a day of thrills in the Mexican desert, the roommates celebrate their final night in Cabo with a feast on the beach; on the menu are Mixed Signals, Nosy Snoopers and Karmic Just Desserts.

    22. Meet the Buttses

    • The roommates head back to PCB, but Nilsa still carries a grudge from the drama of their last night in Cabo, so Kortni has to find a special way to say she's sorry; Codi's parents make a surprise visit.

    23. You Had Me at Beer

    • With encouragement from his dad, Codi gets up the nerve to try and push things forward with Candace; Gus struggles with the feelings stirred up by the Butts' arrival; Kortni has a wild night at Ms. Newby's.

    24. Newsworthy

    25. My Favorite Mistake

    • Nilsa learns that a mistake from her past may be on his way back to haunt her; with her recent notoriety, Aimee is afraid to be seen out in public around PCB; Candace has to make an early exit from the beach house.