Metro Park : Season 1

    • Air date: 03 Mar '19 9 episodes
  • List of Episodes (9)

    1. New Beginnings

    • Kinjal enjoys the new suburban life while Kannan struggles to adjust. A techie Poojari comes over leaving them stunned.

    2. The Assistant

    • Kalpesh finally finds a smart and reliable help around the store, or at least we hope. Enters Bittu Amritraj!

    3. Kalpesh Studies

    • Kalpesh wants to get into insurance business, but the problem arrives when he has to clear the Insurance licence exam.

    4. Guerrilla Marketing

    • Kalpesh finds that selling insurance is harder than he imagined. Kalpesh decides to aggressively launch his company.

    5. Karaoke Nights

    • A karaoke machine from the yard-sale rekindles Kalpesh's hidden passion of becoming a Bollywood singer.

    6. Unisex

    • Payal and her partner decide to change their ladies salon to unisex. Inauguration goes a bit out of hand.

    7. Diets & Gadgets

    • The family gets on an all-vegetable juice diet plan which Kalpesh and Payal find difficult to follow.

    8. Pregnancy Class

    • Kinjal starts attending birthing classes along with Kannan. Kalpesh meanwhile introduces the game of cricket to Pankaj.

    9. House Falling Apart

    • Kalpesh's house is falling apart with all the house repair work neglected for years, or at least Payal feels so.