• List of Episodes (3)
    • 1. Lone Stars No More

      21 Jul '21
      The 10 newly minted fiancées have only two weeks to prepare to meet their mystery spouse at the altar; when the wedding day arrives, one bride's hopes are dashed when a clue about her husband's passions leaves her feeling devastated.
    • 2. Houston, We Have A Marriage

      28 Jul '21
      Wedding day continues as four more couples prepare to walk down the aisle to marry a complete stranger; nerves set in as the clock counts down, and one bride's finicky ways could set her up for failure.
    • 3. Their First Rodeo

      04 Aug '21
      After the final two couples get married, the brides and grooms enjoy their first dinners, first dances, and first introductions to family; and when they head to bed together for the very first time, sparks fly for some, while others put up barriers.