Love Shots : Season 1

List of Episodes (6)


  • You know that thing they say about how men don't listen and women can't read maps? It's true. You'll find out how much you really love someone only when you take a road trip together. When everything from GPS navigation to Drum n Bass on the car stereo tests your limits.

2. Koi Dekh Lega

  • Love is about little, innocent moments, and courtship is about trying to find those perfect moments.Stay with us till the end of the film to hear the official soundtrack for this film, Faasle by Anand Bhaskar Collective - a beautiful song about how love melts away all the distances and differences.

3. Textbook

  • They say love can’t be taught, but it can teach us many things. What can Pratima learn from Kamal about love? Discover the innocent ways of love from our youngest protagonists - Kamal and Pratima, in this cute little story that will leave you wanting for more. .Textbook is a story of young love - when love is sweet and simple, light and fluffy, as easy as throwing a paper plane, and as difficult as homework.

4. Scandal Point

  • If age is just a number, does the heart grow fonder over time? Or is it timeless, ageless, or as some would say shameless? To know more, join Mr. & Mrs. Chowdhury who park their car at ‘Scandal Point’ only looking to score a cup of chai, nothing more.

5. Fired

  • Love can help you get through the most difficult of times, from sad endings, to new beginnings. In those times, we can count on our partners to be there for us too… assuming they have their stuff together better than you do. How can your partner help you through a bad day?

6. The Big Date

  • A date on Valentine’s Day could mean the world to someone. But if only one of two sisters had a date, how happy could she be for the other? Would they help them get over her nerves and be cool, calm and ready for her date? Which would prove to be stronger - a sister’s love, or a schoolgirl crush?.