• Air date: 01 Aug '15 6 episodes
      Lockup explore prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations.
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    • 1. Savannah: Extended Stay - Outlaws and In-Laws

      01 Aug '15
      Five miles from the riverfront hotels and restaurants of Savannah, Georgia, is a more ominous site, a place where an inmate is severely injured and a friendship is torn; two soon to be brothers-in-law are accused of double homicide.
    • 2. Savannah: Extended Stay - Wis-dumb

      08 Aug '15
      A young couple's plans for a romantic weekend end in a nightmare; segregation awaits two women involved in a fight, driving one of them mad; just another day at the Chatham County Detention Center.
    • 3. Savannah: Extended Stay - Hard on the Yard

      15 Aug '15
      One man prepares for life behind bars after running someone down with his car; another man must be placed in isolation for his own protection, after being accused of knowingly giving women HIV.
    • 4. Savannah: Extended Stay - Notorius

      22 Aug '15
      The Chatham County Detention Center hosts an inmate who faces a life sentence for murdering his spouse; another inmate's illegal business stands in the way of him graduating from the jail's strict substance abuse program.
    • 5. Savannah: Extended Stay - Back in Orange

      29 Aug '15
      An inmate is tested when he returns to general population after spending months in the segregation unit; an inmate charged with violent crime outside of jail turns violent inside; another inmate vows to do damage because he feels like an outcast.
    • 6. Savannah: Extended Stay - Savannah: Blood Lines

      05 Sep '15