• Air date: 13 Oct '12 12 episodes
      Lockup explore prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations.
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • 1. Louisville: Extended Stay - Lightning Voltz

      13 Oct '12
      A lunchtime dispute turns violent in the first episode of the series about life inside the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections. Also: One inmate learns hard truths about crime and jail while another prepares to be set free.
    • 2. Louisville: Extended Stay - Horribility

      20 Oct '12
      An inmate behaves erratically; an accused murderer faces the death penalty while his girlfriend is being held in the women's wing; a new female inmate raises havoc; a raid catches an inmate by surprise.
    • 3. Louisville: Extended Stay - Enough Is Enough

      27 Oct '12
      A repeat offender tries to smuggle contraband into the jail; an inmate is targeted for allegedly killing a local rap star; prescription drug abuse becomes epidemic; an inmate's drug abuse may keep him in jail; officials fret about one inmate's influence.
    • 4. Louisville: Extended Stay - Bam Bam

      10 Nov '12
      An inmate's actions lead to an emergency response; a repeat offender accused of assaulting her mother relies on her daughter for support; an inmate focuses on his brain; another inmate is accused of an unthinkable act.
    • 5. Louisville: Extended Stay - Miss Fortune

      10 Nov '12
      A troubled inmate tries to make an impression; another inmate acts out; a woman who gave birth in the jail watches her baby grow up without her; an inmate faces a 25 years-to-life sentence.
    • 6. Louisville: Extended Stay - Next of Kin

      17 Nov '12
      An officer is assaulted; inmates try to escape; a young woman finds a surrogate mother on the inside; an inmate not known for making trouble issues a vile threat. Also: a cautionary tale for fathers and sons
    • 7. San Antonio: Extended Stay - X'd Out

      17 Nov '12
      A celebrity rapper enters the Santa Rita jail; brothers deal with gangs, drugs and parenthood; a three-time convicted murderer claims he's killed others as well.
    • 8. San Antonio: Extended Stay - Defiance

      01 Dec '12
      Gang members cause chaos in a housing unit, forcing SERT to step in to restore order and place an inmate in special restraints; a female prisoner threatens the staff; and a gang member accrues more charges while locked up.
    • 9. San Antonio: Extended Stay - Words of a Warrior

      08 Dec '12
      A two-on-one assault leaves an inmate bloodied; a self-avowed Satanist runs a variety of inmate hustles.
    • 10. San Antonio: Extended Stay - Carry That Weight

      15 Dec '12
      An inmate causes chaos after accusing the staff of abuse; one inmate claims jail saved his life; the inmates of two female housing unites face off.
    • 11. San Antonio: Extended Stay - A House Divided

      22 Dec '12
      Former gang members try to put their rivalries behind them, but not all can let go of the past; a contraband raid turns a housing unit upside down.
    • 12. San Antonio: Extended Stay - Love Sick

      29 Dec '12
      An inmate's mail has jail officials concerned; an inmate is charged with sexually molesting his brother's daughter