• Air date: 26 Aug '01 13 episodes
      Series that gets inside the hearts and minds of 23 real-life kindergarten students as they test the waters of academia for the first time.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Welcome to Kindergarten

      26 Aug '01
      The class is introduced for the first time as it is the first day of kindergarten.
    • 2. Open Wide

      27 Aug '01
      Some of the kids lost their first tooth and they all learn about teeth and how to take care of them.
    • 3. Spread Your Wings

      28 Aug '01
      The class raises their own butterflies.
    • 4. A New Season

      29 Aug '01
      The class talks about different seasons of the year.
    • 5. F is For...

      30 Aug '01
      The class thinks of and does things that begin with the letter F, such as making food and going to the fire station.
    • 6. One Fast Cookie

      31 Aug '01
      The class re-enacts the story of the gingerbread man.
    • 7. Hooray for Holidays

      01 Sep '01
      The class celebrates the holidays.
    • 8. Doin' the Right Thing

      02 Sep '01
      The class learns about being polite to others.
    • 9. Many Kinds of Kindness

      03 Sep '01
      The class has a "kindness day" in order for them to learn about how to be kind to others.
    • 10. Be My Valentine

      04 Sep '01
      The class receives valentines from each other on Valentine's Day.
    • 11. As I Grow

      05 Sep '01
      The class celebrates Lara's 5th birthday.
    • 12. How Does Your Garden Grow?

      06 Sep '01
      The class plants in their school garden.
    • 13. Movin' Up

      07 Sep '01
      Today is the last day of the kindergarten for the children as they say goodbye and spend one last day in their classroom.