Khyapa : Season 1

    • Air date: 03 May '18 18 episodes
  • List of Episodes (18)

    1. khyapa-Episode-1

    • The journey of a mad hatter begins. It is a Bengali short story about true friends- Khyapa and Chingri and their strong bond of friendship, a story about a budding teenager longing for love, aspiring to live and feel free, seeking the free-spirited madness of life. The soul seeking matured Khyapa is always accompanied by his best friend Chingri, the innocent one who always falls prey in the hands of this physical trainer at school and has a secret crush on his

    2. khyapa-Episode- 2

    • Watch the little boy break the shackles of mundane life and churn out his out of the box flamboyance yet again.

    3. khyapa-Episode-3

    • What happens to the pure soul of chingri when he meets meghla??? What surprises will khyapa bring out of his pandora"s box ???

    4. khyapa-Episode-4

    • Khyapa and Chingri now start showing their true colors of naughtiness.... They churn out an idea to somehow get close to Meghla!!! Will that idea work or take them in despair!!!

    5. khyapa-Episode - 5

    • Chingri is falling more and more in love with meghla every passing day!!!! His belief on Khyapa also intensifies and now he is sure his best friend will churn out some magic and get him meghla!!!

    6. khyapa-Episode-6

    • The party countdown has begun and the thoughts on friendship has taken a comfortable shift to race of love. The boys are in full mood to set the stage on fire. Like scoring good marks in exams require a lot of hard work and preparations, similarly to pass in the first level of love it is important to work hard and prepare well to get promoted to the class of commitment and a steady relationship. Khyapa and Chingri starts their preparation to woo their common love interest

    7. khyapa-Episode-7

    • Life can bring the biggest emotions out of you...While the outside world is lit up in fakeness...Which discovery of emotion will happen in Khyapa and Chingri ???

    8. khyapa-Episode- 8

    • Only the TRUTH prevails!!! It is TIMED and TESTED!!! Check what happens in Khyapa’s life after the party !!!

    9. khyapa-Episode-9

    • Khyapa's inner soul has already revolted against his deeds!!! What decision will he make ? Will he leave everything and transcend into a new beginning ???

    10. khyapa-Episode- 10

    • Khyapa takes on the road and leaves his family and friends behind... What has destiny in store for him???

    11. khyapa-Episode-11

    • Life doesn't always give you a second chance!!! But is KHYAPA lucky that way??? Will his life take a new turn??‌

    12. khyapa-Episode-12

    • The ashram life of KHYAPA can be his major turning point in life !!! What kinda spiritual upliftment will happen in Khyapa's life ???

    13. khyapa-Episode-13

    • Ashram life of Khyapa helps him in meeting different people from different spheres of life !!! What are the qualities he would intake that will help him to be a better human being ??

    14. khyapa-Episode-14

    • Khyapa’s maturity has just started to show…He has a different way of looking towards life now…How will ashram life change him as a person

    15. khyapa-Episode-15

    • Khyapa listens to his heart and takes a new path again.... .Will fortune really favour the brave ???

    16. khyapa-Episode-16

    • Khyapa has already taken a plunge into the ocean of uncertainty and risk !!! Surviving here is next to impossible...What's gonna happen to Khyapa ???

    17. khyapa-Episode- 17

    • Courageous are those, who want to help their loved ones, inspite of knowing the fact that they might be killed in the process…For them the aim of living is to make sure others are happy !!! What will happen to Khyapa when he enters the cave of darkness.

    18. khyapa-episode-18

    • Khyapa comes to the end of his journey!!! Friendship,love,betrayal,hatred,brutality, Khyapa has tasted it all.what's waiting for him at the end of it all ??