Jerseylicious : Season 3

    • Air date: 15 May '11 23 episodes
  • List of Episodes (23)

    1. Gatsby Global Domination

    • The Gatsby attempts to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. Meanwhile, Olivia rekindles her relationship with her ex, Mikey, while Gigi adjusts to singlehood.

    2. A Jersey Little Secret

    • Inspired by Gayle’s goal of growth, Anthony convinces her to team up and expand the Gatsby by offering medispa services, including Botox and collagen. Gayle is weary of the idea but agrees to give it a trial run if it means getting Anthony back in her salon. But when she notices negative reactions from clients, will she be able to shut down what could be a lucrative endeavor? Meanwhile, Filly and Lorenzo apply to beauty school, and Olivia uses “The Secret” to manifest success in her career

    3. A Bridal Smackdown

    • The Gatsby storms the Wildwoods Bridal Fair, but Alexa vows revenge on Gayle. A shocking fight puts Tracy and Gigi at odds.

    4. Bad Boys Break Hearts

    • A party at the Gatsby forces one stylist to face her demons. A chance encounter between Tracy and Mikey leads to an explosive confrontation.

    5. Jersey Not-So Sweet Sixteen

    • The Gatsby launches a new business venture; Filly helps the stylists get in shape; Olivia becomes one designer's muse

    6. Glam Slam

    • Gayle works on a new business venture; Lorenzo prepares for his first salon job; Gigi says good-bye to Carla

    7. Single Moms Gone Wild

    • Gatsby To Go has the first on-site event, while Anthony continues to find ways to expand the business. Gigi moves on emotionally and physically.

    8. Interfriendtion

    • Episode Synopsis: Gigi moves into a new apartment; Gayle and Anthony spy on a new business; Olivia brings in a much-despised business

    9. Jersey-vicious

    • Episode Synopsis: Gatsby To Go offers 15-minute makeovers; Gayle and Gigi attend a matchmaker mixer; Tracy and Olivia argue at a club

    10. Gatsby Goes Live

    11. Heads Will Roll

    12. The Business Of Betrayal

    13. Beauty Pageant Blowout

    • Tracy and Olivia battle in a senior beauty pageant; Alexa tries to make a family portrait for Frankie; Anthony goes fishing.

    14. Who's Jealous Now?

    • Tracy pursues an internship at a magazine; Olivia's forced to run a Gatsby 2 Go event on her own; Gigi and Frankie's relationship changes forever.

    15. Kelly Rippa Does Jersey

    • Kelly Ripa's visit to the Gatsby causes conflict; Gigi struggles to be friends with Frankie; Filly and Mikey compete.

    16. Just Shoot Me

    • When photoshoots for Tracy's magazine apprenticeship and Gatsby 2 Go conflict, Olivia and Tracy battle. Gigi and Frankie's new friendship forces Gigi visit to an unusual place.

    17. Friends with Benefits?

    • A Gatsby stylist gets off to a rocky start with a co-worker. Frankie and Gigi re-define their friendship. Olivia teams up with an unlikely source to create a tutorial video.

    18. Cheers I Hate You

    • Gayle takes the Gatsby staff on a winery retreat. Miguel books his first Gatsby to Go client. A confrontation with Michelle forces Gigi to make an important decision.

    19. The Gatsby Takeover

    • An ambitious plan to franchise the Gatsby brings Gayle a shocking offer. Gigi tries to make amends with Frankie. Olivia and Alexa makeover Anthony's salon.

    20. Garden State Goodbye

    21. More Wild & Untamed, Part 1

    22. More Wild & Untamed, Part 2

    23. Top Ten Most Fan-Tastic Moments

    • A countdown of the Top 10 moments from the series.