Jerseylicious : Season 2

    • Air date: 05 Sep '10 23 episodes
  • List of Episodes (23)

    1. Bronzer, Babies and Break-ups

    2. Jersey Boss

    • With maternity leave on the horizon Christy wants to identify her replacement as early as possible. Alexa hosts a dinner party to introduce her beau to some of her salon friends.

    3. Baby Mama, Baby Drama

    • Gigi is going baby crazy and decides to throw Christy a surprise baby shower. The constant baby talk has Frankie on edge, but an invite to the baby shower pushes him to his limits

    4. Shore 'Nuff!

    • Gigi and Frankie are on a break and Tracy has the perfect solution for her friend: a getaway to Atlantic City!

    5. Boobs are the New Black

    • The Gatsby staff butt heads over the new dress code. Meanwhile, Briella flaunts a new look.

    6. Party Psycho

    • Gayle & Christy plan a Mother Daughter event with a new party planner. Gigi sees a Pyschic and Anthony's salon is finally opening!

    7. Oh No She Didn't!

    • Tracy, Gigi and Alexa go speed dating, while Olivia dates Tracy's former boyfriend.

    8. Texcessive

    • The girls attend a wedding in Texas, much to Gayle's dismay.

    9. Frankie Loves Gigi

    • Anthony takes over as interim manager of the salon; Frankie tries to win Gigi back.

    10. Business, Babies and Boob Jobs

    • Gayle and Alexa's rocky partnership gets put to the test at a volunteer event; Olivia's dream of a boob job may come true; Christy's pregnancy comes to a critical crossroads.

    11. Glam Fairy Fallout

    • Alexa tries to expand her business with a Bollywood-inspired photo shoot and a music video. Meanwhile, Gayle fears her partnership with Alexa is crumbling so she searches for a replacement.

    12. She'll Cut You

    • A salon sales drive pits Tracy and Olivia in a battle for the top sales spot; Anthony celebrates his fifth wedding anniversary; Alexa's plans for her Glam Factory run into trouble.

    13. War on the Gatsby Floor

    • Alexa and Gayle face off at the Gatsby and Olivia must choose sides; an unwelcome guest threatens to ruin Briella's birthday party; Frankie plans a special night with marriage on her mind.

    14. Gaga for Glam

    • Olivia holds her first make-up event at the Gatsby while Alexa tries to take Glam Fairy viral.

    15. Date Night

    • The Gatsby and Glam Fairy compete for a special event, while Christy and Danny have a babysitter for their first night out after having a baby.

    16. Gigi Gets Sexed Up

    • The Gatsby has a new addition, much to Olivia's dismay. Tracy strives to get into the tents for Fashion Week. Gigi celebrates her birthday showing a new side of herself.

    17. Here Comes Trouble

    • Doria is staking her claim at the Gatsby, while Olivia is trying to prove herself to Gayle, yet again and Anthony discovers Lorenzo's hairstyling knowledge.

    18. Job Woes and Poconos

    • Olivia is put on mandatory vacation at Gatsby & goes to Anthony for help. Tracy & Briella bond on a weekend trip to the Poconos. Frankie is confused about who Gigi is becoming.

    19. Jersey Fashion Battle

    • The ladies of the Gatsby compete for a coveted position in New Jersey Fashion Week against Anthony Roberts Salon and the Glam Fairy. Gigi and Frankie attempt to make Sunday dinner.

    20. The Final Showdown

    21. Wild & Untamed Part 1

    • Part 1 of 2. The cast reunites to discuss the season, which opens old wounds.

    22. Wild & Untamed Part 2

    • Conclusion. The cast reunites to discuss the season, including Frankie and Gigi's love story and the Gatsby and Glam Fairy feud.

    23. Inside The Jungle

    • A look inside the lives of the people from that Jerseylicious Garden State.