Il Commissario Montalbano : Season 12

    • Air date: 12 Feb '18 2 episodes
  • List of Episodes (2)

    1. La giostra degli scambi

    • Montalbano must solve two intricate cases: the disappearance of a merchant who apparently refused to pay for lace and a series of mysterious sequestrations. An antiques shop has been the subject of arson and Marcello Di Carlo, the owner of the store, a mature spendboy playboy, has disappeared. Montalbano begins to investigate, but the mystery of this disappearance seems to become increasingly elusive. At the same time something very strange happens: a kidnapper stops some girls with deception, s

    2. Amore

    • The disappearance of a beautiful girl (Michela) puts a strain on Montalbano's ability to extricate himself in the labyrinths of complexity and the fatal deceits of loving sentiment. Michela is a girl with a troubled past: leaving the family at a very young age, she met wrong men who used her and led her to prostitution. With great willpower she was able to recover from that tragic condition, she rebuilt her life and found love in a boyfriend, Saverio, with whom he now lives and totally reciproca