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    Season 3

    Jan 2020 - 8 Episodes
    Back for junior year, the gang returns as confident, eager and seasoned upper-classmen, with Zoey and her girls (… and Vivek) moving into an off-campus home, ready to take on the school year. They quickly realize that they have been mistaken about the disillusionment of adulthood, with real-life problems coming for them, including student loans, work/ life balance and, of course, messy breakups. Plus, some of the crew having to deal with the repercussions of their big mistakes before summer

    Season 2

    Jan 2019 - 21 Episodes
    Zoey and her friends enter their second year at CalU with confidence and swagger. Learning from the ups and downs of their first year, they all assume they’ve got their second year on lock, but quickly realize that they’re not as grown as they think.

    Season 1

    Jan 2018 - 13 Episodes