• Air date: 18 Nov '21 8 episodes
      Semba and Vikram, two teenagers belonging to different strata of society, come together to help a friend in need. They courageously try to overcome many obstacles in their path with just one thing filling their hearts and souls - dance.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Moon Walk

      18 Nov '21
      Semba from the slums and star dancer Vikram are very different from each other. Their love for dance is the only common ground between them but this common ground is also the reason for the stiff competition between them.
    • 2. Face Off

      18 Nov '21
      Vikram gets called out in school for something he never did. However, problems between his sister Shweta and Semba’s brother, Dinesh, lead to a dance battle between team Semba and Vikram.
    • 3. Free Spin

      18 Nov '21
      The new kid on the block, Keshav, is rejected by Team Vikram, but Semba accepts him. Dinesh tries to get into Vikram’s good books but ends up instigating Semba to participate in Dancing Teens.
    • With Keshav’s mother’s help, Team Semba participates in the Dancing Teens competition. At school, Vikram gets into undue trouble once again, and Keshav faces a big blow while helping Vikram.
    • 5. Step Up

      18 Nov '21
      Semba and Vikram unite over their love and compassion for Keshav. When the team faces problems at the National level of Dancing Teens, the unassuming watchman, Balan, steps in to help.
    • 6. Bounce Back

      18 Nov '21
      On reaching the International Arena of Dancing Teens competition in Mumbai, Vikram and Semba realise their shortcomings. Keshav’s condition worsens, and Balan’s dark past gets revealed.
    • 8. Burn It Up

      18 Nov '21
      Things come together as all mysteries are solved and misconceptions cleared. Will Team India win, is the only question on everyone’s mind. Will Semba and Vikram win over their enmity too?