Die Trying : Season 1

    • Air date: 14 Feb '18 7 episodes
  • List of Episodes (7)

    1. Summer of '04

    • Young musicians Kenneth and Rohan finally get their big break after struggling in small music open mics. At their first gig at Sea zone, Prakriti (the Manager) replaces them after a single song with the popular band Purple Harmony. Humiliated and ridculued, The boys decide performing at the Hysteria festival is the only way to redeem their Musician status.

    2. Sweet Rhyme of Mine

    • With the aim of making an album, All that stands in the way is lyrics. Kenneth struggling to finish the final song, stumble upon a secret that Rohan is hiding.. With the help of Jason (the ex band Manager of Purple Harmony), Rohan’s secret and the lyrics may get unlocked.

    3. While My Sitar Gently Weeps

    • The only Sound studio they can afford seems to be falling apart and run by an equally clueless sound engineer. With no where else to go, Kenneth and Rohan struggle to finish their album while facing distractions (and sounds) from every angle.

    4. Smells like Steve's Spirit

    • With a screwed up album, Kenneth and Rohan turn to Steve Clay for help, their music god while Jason being fired as the band Manager, asks his father for help to redeem himself. Will the mentor figures in their lives help them fix their problems?

    5. Another Click on the Wall

    • Marketing the album seems to be the only way to salvage the album. With Rohan coming to terms with his feelings for Prakriti as Kenneth struggles to see Soundarya’s viewpoints, An eccentric photographer is what brings them together (or apart).

    6. Can't help failing in Love

    • Rejected by the organiser of Hysteria, the boys have a day to find a way to get in. With no way left and at the end of the line, the boys have to put their ego down and call in favours from the unlikeliest of places.

    7. Brohemein Rhapsody

    • With the boys disbanded, Kenneth is still reseliant and wants to perform at Hysteria. Rohan lost out on love and his best friend, seems more lost than ever. Will they get back? Will they perform at Hysteria ? Or will the season end? The last one is definetly true.