• Air date: 29 Mar '24 6 episodes
      In the chronicles of 'Chowdhury Bari', a clever grandfather orchestrates his own demise, uniting his diverse family in a comical yet touching saga of self-discovery and treasure hunting in Shantiniketan.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Family, Facade, Fajlami

      29 Mar '24
      Satinath Chowdhury gets his family to their century-old family home in Santiniketan for his will reading, but soon lures them to engage in a hunt for a hidden ancestral treasure.
    • 2. Grihajuddher Picnic

      29 Mar '24
      While everyone grapples with the first clue of the treasure hunt and navigate their inner struggles and crises, Satinath plans a family picnic.
    • 3. Oshoriri Otithi

      29 Mar '24
      Amidst personal turmoil, the treasure hunt turns to a vendetta when everyone decides to summon the spirit of the late Hemnath Chowdhury, the mastermind behind this puzzle.
    • 4. Roktakto Jonmodin

      29 Mar '24
      Haimanti gets furious on learning about Pritha and Rafique's relationship. Childhood memories lead Mrinal to search for the headless king to whom the treasure is linked.
    • 5. Ekei Boley Biplab

      29 Mar '24
      When Nikhilesh gets abducted, Satinath turns the family into a battalion to save him. Polash discovers a secret tunnel with the help of the mysterious keys.
    • 6. Melodrama

      29 Mar '24
      After rescuing Nikhilesh, everyone looks for the tunnel. In the end, when Satinath reveals the truth, the eerie reality shocks everyone.