Cold Feet 1998- : List of Seasons

  • Cold Feet 1998- : List of All Seasons

    • 9 Seasons 60 Episodes
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    Season 9

    Jan 2020 - 5 Episodes

    Season 8

    Jan 2019 - 6 Episodes

    Season 7

    Sep 2017 - 7 Episodes

    Season 6

    Sep 2016 - 8 Episodes
    Series six rejoins the intertwining lives of Adam, Jenny, Pete, Karen, and David. As they battle against life's everyday challenges, something greater looms - midlife. At 45 and up, the last time any of them dreamt about the future feels like decades past. How happy are they with where they are now? Is there hope for someone who is just over the hill, unmarried, and a single parent? They're nearly 50, so why don't any of them feel like grown-ups yet?

    Season 5

    Feb 2003 - 6 Episodes
    Six months on from the Australian trip, Adam and Rachel are learning about family life, Pete and Jo return to find life with the mother-in-law is not as sunny as Sydney, and David and Karen discover that an amicable divorce is not as easy as it might seem.

    Season 4

    Nov 2001 - 8 Episodes

    Season 3

    Nov 2000 - 8 Episodes
    There's the patter of tiny feet as David and Karen re-discover the joys of parenthood. To help out, Karen's mother flies in from Spain to offer assistance — with a bottle of gin in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Adam and Rachel are now happily living together after a passionate reconciliation.

    Season 2

    Sep 1999 - 6 Episodes
    Six months on, the gang continue to struggle with their assorted problems. Adam's life has descended into bachelor squalor, Pete and Jenny are having marriage problems and Dave is made redundant.

    Season 1

    Nov 1998 - 6 Episodes
    Karen looks for escapism from her stable, wealthy but dull life, whilst David, her husband, is a workaholic who believes he can do his parenting via fax. Jenny and Pete Gifford find that a baby brings dramatic changes to their relationship and can Rachel, a smart career woman, cure Adam's commitment phobia?