• Air date: 14 Jan '23 9 episodes
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    • 1. The Greatest (Tech) Show on Earth

      14 Jan '23
      A special episode of Click from one of the world’s largest tech shows - CES in Las Vegas. The team try out the latest in haptic gloves - which could help us to touch and feel things in virtual worlds. Click also meet a visually impaired young woman who's invented a new aid to help people to navigate their lives and the CEO of vaccine company Moderna. They also test out the latest virtual reality headsets.
    • 2. Looping Las Vegas

      21 Jan '23
      Click takes a road trip around Las Vegas - underground in the Loop tunnel system created by Elon Musk's Boring Company, above ground with the latest car sharing app, and in the sky with the latest attempt to create a flying car. And we test out the latest fitness gadgets, including a smart punch bag and a puncture proof bike.
    • 3. Watch This Space

      28 Jan '23
      Marc Cieslak heads behind the scenes at Spaceport Cornwall. Also, Lara Lewington tests out the latest smart home gadgets, and Paul Carter takes a look at tech designed to help us save water.
    • 4. Policing the Metaverse

      04 Feb '23
      Marc Cieslak visits Interpol HQ in Lyon to find out how the police agency is training to fight crime in virtual worlds. Lara Lewington tests out her superhuman strength with an exoskeleton designed to help warehouse workers. Plus, the team hear from the young people embracing retro technology.
    • 5. 3D-Printed Bones

      11 Feb '23
      Click explores some of the latest health tech developments, including 3D-printed bones for cancer patients and the latest devices to help us get a better night's sleep. Plus, Shiona McCallum has a horse-riding lesson with a difference, and LJ Rich checks out the tech behind a new ride at one of Europe's largest theme parks.
    • 6. Game On

      18 Feb '23
      Steffan Powell explores why Helsinki has become a global hub for the mobile gaming industry, Alasdair Keane checks out the tech transforming the tourism industry, and the team chat to the visual effects team behind Oscar-nominated film Everything Everywhere All at Once.
    • 7. Making Waves

      25 Feb '23
      Paul Carter visits Portugal to explore the tech behind a huge floating solar platform. And the team hears from the inventor of the Ocean Cleanup project about big plans to tackle plastic pollution. Plus, Marc Cieslak reviews the new PlayStation VR2 headset.
    • 8. 18th Mar 2023

      18 Mar '23
      This year's Formula 1 season is revving up, and Click has exclusive access to the Alpine F1 Team to explore the tech behind the racing. Plus, the team visits Austin, Texas, to find out how tech is transforming the construction industry – from 3D-printed houses, to self-driving forklifts.
    • 9. 25th Mar 2023

      11 Mar '23
      Episode details to be added.