• Air date: 08 Jan '22 43 episodes
      The BBC's flagship technology news programme. Click (previously Click Online) is a weekly BBC television programme covering news and recent developments in the world of consumer technology, presented by Spencer Kelly.
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    • 1. CES 2022: The Weird and Wonderful

      08 Jan '22
      One of the technology world's biggest events is back. Click is in Las Vegas checking out the greatest, and most outlandish, innovations at CES 2022.
    • 2. CES: Part 2

      15 Jan '22
      We could not fit it all into one show! Click continues checking out the latest and greatest innovations coming out of CES 2022, including the self-driving cars taking part in the Indy Autonomous Challenge, a vehicle that can change colours, a car that you can livestream from, and a deep dive into the Omega Mart, where not everything is what it seems...
    • 3. NFTs

      22 Jan '22
      Click is in Los Angeles to see how technology is revolutionising the entertainment industry. We talk to the creators behind a new studio that wants to finance films through NFTs.
    • 4. Swingin' Satellites

      29 Jan '22
      Click looks at the machine designed to throw satellites into space - yes, throw! And they try out football tech meant to take your skills to the next level.
    • 5. The Illegal Pet Trade

      05 Feb '22
      In an age of disinformation, with attention focused on online harms, is the illegal online wildlife trade getting the attention it deserves?
    • 6. The Future of Video Calls

      12 Feb '22
      Click adopts virtual avatars and online offices as we explore the future of collaboration. Will Zoom be left for dead? We investigate end-to-end encryption to find out if enough is being done to keep your private communication secure. And we see the AI movies helping Hollywood actors appear bilingual - all with a side of kitchen tech for ice cream on-demand.
    • 7. Mechanical Medical Marvels

      19 Feb '22
      Click looks at robotic medicine dispensaries, plus an exclusive look at an NHS clinic helping people to tackle gaming addiction.
    • 8. Swingin' Satellites

      26 Feb '22
      Repeat. Click explores the machine designed to throw satellites into space - yes, throw! Plus football tech meant to take your skills to the next level.
    • 9. The Return of MWC

      05 Mar '22
      Click makes its way to this year's Mobile World Congress to check out the latest mobile tech coming out of Barcelona. But with so many big company releases being smartphones with slight improvements from the year before, is there a lack of innovation in the industry or are there some hidden gems? Click also explores how 5G networks are being utilised - by beaming real-time information from dogs in mountain rescue. And finally, the brains behind the stunning visual effects of The Matrix
    • 10. Scalpers 2.0

      12 Mar '22
      The PS5 - the newest console in the latest generation of gaming. It's been highly sought after - but for more reasons than one.
    • 11. Can Computer Games Help Reduce Pain?

      19 Mar '22
      Click is in Madrid to see if VR can be used to help children manage chronic pain, and we're at the South by Southwest Festival to find out what the big talk is there.
    • 12. Could Solar Solve the Energy Crisis?

      26 Mar '22
      Click explores solar energy innovation in the UK, sustainable fashion scores from the Netherlands and self-charging gadgets in Sweden.
    • 13. A Sea of Solar Power

      02 Apr '22
      This edition of Click is all about sustainable travel. We are in the Netherlands to look at a solar-powered car and in Sweden to hop aboard an amazing flying electric boat.
    • 14. Drones, Rapping and Raving

      07 May '22
      Click travels to Washington to look at the latest tech being used to take down drones, and to Shetland to see how 5G is being used to make things safer on a construction site.
    • 15. Space Homes and Asteroid Mining

      14 May '22
      Click meets the Asteroid Mining Corporation and sees space homes built by robot. Back on earth, it’s man versus machine as we put a bricklaying droid to work. And we check out the very latest in cycling tech, including a self-riding bicycle from MIT.
    • 16. Robot Repairs Out at Sea

      21 May '22
      Click dives underwater to meet the robots designed to look after offshore wind farms, and explores the latest tech being used to protect marine life. And we take a trip to a new virtual experience show being staged by the National Theatre in London.
    • 17. The Tech Tracking Lost Dogs

      28 May '22
      In Click, we talk to Olympian and tech founder Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill about her period-tracking app, which gives women exercises based on their menstrual cycle. And we visit Norway to test out some software that could allow lost dogs to be found via crowdsourcing.
    • 18. 02/06/2022

      02 Jun '22
      Click is at the Hay literary festival celebrating the 100 years of the BBC. We look back at the tech the corporation has developed and what might be coming next.
    • 19. Software on Prescription

      11 Jun '22
      Click investigates the new therapies being developed to help with brain repair and explores the future of air travel.
    • 20. Turning Food Waste into Energy

      18 Jun '22
      Click explores the latest technologies aimed at tackling the issue of food waste, and investigates if lab-grown meat is the solution to feeding our growing population. Plus, news from the gaming world - for people and pets.
    • 21. Tech Tracks the Rubbish Dumpers

      25 Jun '22
      Click finds out how artificial intelligence is being used to catch people illegally dumping rubbish, and heads out to sea to check out the latest tech tracking puffins off the coast of Scotland. The team also go behind the scenes in Vancouver with Oscar-nominated director Neill Blomkamp, who is using his film-making skills to develop a new video game.
    • 22. Can Tech Go Green?

      02 Jul '22
      Click meets the people and businesses trying to clean up big tech. The team finds out about the robot that recycles our electronic waste and explores how data centres can use their waste heat to warm homes. Plus, the team chats with Tony Fadell, the creator of some of Apple's iconic devices.
    • 23. A Sports Day Smash

      09 Jul '22
      It's AI tennis, robot footballers and body-tracking tech as Click serves up a sports tech special. The team head to Wimbledon to try the latest apps for fans, and to the Netherlands where training for the RoboCup tournament is in full swing. And see the latest wearable fitness gadgets put to the test and image recognition that aims to make sports more accessible for disabled people.
    • 24. Concussion, Fan Tech and Skills

      16 Jul '22
      Click looks at how technology is helping one sport to monitor the effects of concussion and how another - football - is using technology to enhance fans' experiences.
    • 25. Chocolate, dating and dreaming

      23 Jul '22
      Click investigates the science behind cacao-free chocolate and speaks to dating app Tinder's CEO, who reveals her plans to improve online safety.