• Season 1 streaming now!
      Air date: 29 Nov '19 5 episodes
      Jitendra Kumar and Akansha Thakur star as a married couple whose lives get turned upside down when they have an unexpected guest.
      Cheesecake season 1 has 5 episodes. It is a comedy web-series starring Jitendra Kumar and Akansha Thakur. Season 1 for Cheesecake aired on 29 Nov '19 and available to watch online on streaming platform MX Player.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • Neel and Sameera are struggling to strike a balance in their professional and mundane personal lives. Sameera gets upset over not getting a promotion and coincidentally, Neel gets his big career break. Sameera decides to take the much-anticipated trip for their third marriage anniversary and starts planning. Neel needs to focus on his big opportunity and doesn’t have the time for a trip. As they argue over it, they get distracted by something unexpected - a dog inside their house.
    • Neel and Sameera take a day off to settle the dog to a shelter home. They meet Mirza, a 55-year-old passionate dog lover, who runs a private shelter home.As he explains to them the reality of shelter homes, they both decided not to put Cheesecake in one. They agree to put Cheesecake up for adoption. In the process, they spend more time with each other and hear each other out. They end up getting to know the dog gradually as they begin to spend time with it.
    • As Neel and Sameer leave for their work, Cheesecake is all alone in the house. It creates nuisance in the house and for the other members of the building. Clueless about the dog’s condition, both Neel and Sameera end up going to an Animal Communicator who makes them realise that the dogs are a much more evolved species than humans. Amidst all of this, they learn a thing or two about their own relationship.
    • Megha suggests Neel and Sameera to meet a family, who is willing to adopt Cheesecake. There is a slight unease as Neel and Sameera reluctantly agree to meet the prospective adopters. As they arrive, Neel and Sameera play warm hosts to the family and find them to be affectionate towards the pet. All seems perfect, but in an unexpected twist, Neel starts feeling uneasy when Cheesecake is forced to do popular dog tricks. Will they give away Cheesecake or will they make him a part of their own lives
    • Neel, Sameera, and Cheesecake are a happy family. Things take a different turn when a road accident leads them to stumble upon Cheesecake’s past life. Out of curiosity, they land up at the doorsteps of the family that once owned Cheesecake. A startling revelation hits them as they meet with the original owners. It leads them to a point where a crucial decision needs to be taken – whether to continue with Cheesecake or giving him away.