The HitchHikers Guide to Modern Day Entertainment

By Abhinav Joshi | 684 |

I think that media that leave out technology misrepresent life as badly as Victorians misrepresented life by leaving out sex. – Kurt Vonnegut

References in Sherlock : The Abominable Bride you might've missed.

By Nayanika Dey | 803 |

There is a reason Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are hailed and railed to excess - and it's not just because of their ingenious TV show Sherlock but also because of the subtle hints they manage to encompass in every episode that have fans worldwide scrambling to rack their brains and conjure up plausible theories. Have a look here at the hidden messages in The Abominable Bride before the new season releases in a few days!

Top 10 Actors of 2016 Who Overwhelmed Us With Their Performances!

By Arka Maity | 786 |

As we welcome 2017 and bid farewell to 2016, let’s celebrate another year of the Indian Cinema. What a year it was for Bollywood! From films that had earned big to films that had touched our heart, we’ve got everything that is expected from Bollywood. Here are the 10 actors who completely bowled us by their excellent performances in 2016!

9 Awesome Movie Trailers That Came Out This Super Bowl. Stop Everything & Watch Them Right Away.

By Arindom Deka | 682 |

Add your favorites to watchlist. Every year in America takes place the Super Bowl, an annual football event that determines the champion of National Football League or NFL. The event is a big day for all football fans of America.
But if you're not a football fan and happen to be a moviebuff, then there is something else that this event brings that atttract moviegoers worldwide. This event is also well known for broadcasting TV Spots ( short teasers basically) of upcoming movies. Here are the most talked about trailers of the event.

Bollywood & Unpredictability - Here Are The 7 Biggest Underperformers Of Bollywood.

By Sambit Gupta | 705 |

Bollywood never fails to surprise us. Often we discuss about surprise Bollywood HITS. So, now let me give you a brief detailing about the biggest DUDS of Bollywood which were of course, unexpected and shocking.

The Valentine's Bonanza - It's All About Clashes & Box-Office Figures!!!

By Sambit Gupta | 630 |

What with the beginning of February, we are already gearing up for the Valentine's Day week. If we emphasize on the last few years, we'll get to know that it's all about trying to create a rage at the box and nothing more than that. Now, one can't deny the fact that classy films too release during this time, but mostly they are rejected by the audience, or should I say couples? *wink* Jokes apart, let's go through last few years' B.O. clashes and collections and have an estimate of this year's Valentine's release. So, here we go.

Make This Valentine’s Day Even More Special With These Lovely, Romantic Movies.

By Vishal Nath | 622 |

The month of love is already been started with lots of gifts, cards, and chocolates and with lots of plans to make this day very special for the one; But how could Valentine’s Day be celebrated without a touch of Romantic movies. So here are the movies which you should definitely watch with your special one.

Beyond LOVE & HATE: 5 Must Watch Movies on Politics

By mangoman | 602 |

We all know that Tamil Nadu political landscape is hot now with so much going on. We bring you 5 movies of the season which you must catch now !!

When Debutant Directors Created A Stir At The Box-Office!!! - Let's Have A Look.

By Sambit Gupta | 624 |

We always eagerly wait for, say a Rohit Shetty film or a Rajkumar Hirani film, because we are well aware that they would surely take the Box-Office by storm. Once in a blue moon comes that movie which, in spite of being directed by a debutant director, scores big at the ticket windows. Here, we will give you a glimpse of the Top 6 movies which still hold big records to their names.

Do You Know What is Galentine's Day

By Asawari Moon | 585 |

It's a day when you celebrate with your girlfriends. Basically, it's like Valentine's Day, only instead of celebrating the love you have for your partner, you spend it with your best girlfriends, who are, after all, your soul mates, and therefore deserve a holiday all to themselves, too.